What you get with BizTalk360

The all-in-one product for BizTalk Server Administration, Monitoring and Analytics.

All in one product

BizTalk360 is the one-stop, feature-rich product for efficiently administering and monitoring your BizTalk Server environment.

Web-based portal

The BizTalk360 web-based portal gives you quick and safe access to all the features you need daily.

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Improved features

The product contains several improved features to make you work more efficiently with BizTalk Server.

Controlled access

Create fine-grained user access policies to give everybody the access they require to do their job.

Governance and auditing

Many operations against BizTalk360 and the BizTalk environment are audited. Always know who performed what action!

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The administration features give you access to BizTalk Admin console features and other relevant components and portals.

Informative dashboards

Rich and customizable dashboards help you understand the health of the environment in the wink of an eye.

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Easy BizTalk Application access

With BizTalk360, you can easily find the artifacts you are looking for, view their configuration and change their status.

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Execute MessageBox queries

Run MessageBox queries, view all error information, message content and context, and take action when required.

Visualize Tracked messages

Check tracked messages, and with the graphical flow, you visualize how messages have progressed through the environment.

Advanced Tracking Manager

With this consolidated overview of the BizTalk Tracking settings, you can also easily control those settings.

BAM Portal

There is no need to switch to the out-of-the-box portal. The BAM Portal in BizTalk360 is more accessible and safer to use.

ESB Portal

Access any ESB exceptions directly in BizTalk360 and be able to download, edit, and bulk resubmit messages.

Electronic Data Interchange, Parties, and Agreements

Just like in the BizTalk admin console, you can execute EDI queries and view the configuration of parties and agreements.

Built-in BRE composer

There is no need to access the BRE composer in a BizTalk server. You can use the improved one that comes with BizTalk360.

Execute SQL Server queries

Do you need to run SQL Server queries or Stored Procedures frequently? That too can be done directly in BizTalk360.

Manage SQL Server jobs

The SQL Server jobs handle all kinds of necessary maintenance work. View and control those jobs with BizTalk360.

BizTalk Health Monitor integration

We integrated the 400+ rules that came with BizTalk Health Monitor. Schedule runs and view their output in BizTalk360.

NT Service operations

Directly view and control the Windows NT services in your BizTalk and SQL servers. No need to set up RDP connections!.

Integrated Knowledge Base

Reduce problem resolution times by creating KB articles and link them to specific services instances, Event Log entries, etc.


With the monitoring features in BizTalk360, you will be on top of the situation and spending less time on manual monitoring.

Receive Threshold and Health Check notifications

Receive notifications when configured thresholds are exceeded. You can also receive status reports via pre-configured schedules.

Watch over your BizTalk transactions

Proactively monitor your BizTalk transactions with Data Monitoring. Your business users will appreciate you for it.

Receive notifications where required

Don’t receive notifications via email alone. You can also receive them via Microsoft Teams channels, Slack, Servicenow tickets, etc.

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Up to date Monitoring Dashboards

The rich Monitoring dashboards constantly keep you aware of the health of your BizTalk environment.

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BizTalk artifact monitoring

Monitor the state of your receive locations, send ports, orchestrations, service instances, and even throttling conditions.

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Active and passive state monitoring

Usually components are in an active state like Enable or Started. However, you can also monitor against passive states like Disabled or Stopped.

Endpoint Monitoring

Protect your business transactions by monitoring if messages are picked up from endpoints like File shares, FTP sites, and multiple queue technologies.

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Monitor server resources

Be aware when you are running out of disk space, CPU/RAM memory thresholds are met, NT services are in the expected state, etc.

Azure Services Monitoring

No need to go to the Azure portal. Monitor your Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics, Logic Apps and API Apps with BizTalk360.

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Advanced Web Endpoints Monitoring

Rich webservice monitoring; you can simple check webservice availability but also validate synthetic SOAP and REST service calls.

BizTalk Health Monitoring

Besides schedule runs and view output from the BizTalk Health Monitor tool, you can also monitor the number of critical and non-critical errors.

Automated recovery options

BizTalk360 increases the availability of your environment by automatically restarting BizTalk application artifacts once they go down.


Get deeper insights into your BizTalk environment with minimum effort and get maximum benefit out of it.

Statistical insights via dashboards

Informative graphs and charts about what all is happening in the environment. Create custom widgets with the metrics you are interested in.

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Understand Messaging flows

BizTalk360 can automatically identify frequently processed message flows. This gives you insights in message counts and average processing time.

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Insights in Throttling conditions

The Throttling Analyzer gives a good overview if throttling is happening. The graphs also give easy insight in what kind of throttling is happening.

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Automated BizTalk Reporting

Receive automated reports about what all is happening in your environment. This can also be helpful for capacity planning.

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APM integrations

Keep the overview of your complete IT landscape by integrating BizTalk360 with your APM products like New Relic, Dynatrace, and Appdynamics.

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Secure and audited access

Fine-grained user access

From powerful Administrator accounts to limited read-only permission to only a couple of features. You can set it up with BizTalk360 User Access Policies.

Role-based security

Create User Roles to set up access profiles for specific roles like Developers and Support engineers. This makes it easier to manage your User Access Policies.

Safely involve non-BizTalk users

By providing read-only access to portals and other features that are relevant for them, you can even give non-BizTalk Server users access to the BizTalk environment.

Detailed auditing reports

Many operations against the BizTalk environment are audited. This helps in keeping control over the environment and take countermeasures when needed.


API Access

You can use the BizTalk360 APIs for your own purposes. The embedded documentation enables you to try them directly in the product.

BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer and Azure Marketplace

Are you running BizTalk Server in Azure VM’s? We have multiple ways to make the installation of BizTalk360 in Azure is easy for you.

Make BizTalk monitoring highly available

Is your BizTalk environment of vital importance? With in-built features, you can make monitoring with BizTalk360 highly available.

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