Everything you need for BizTalk Server Administration, Monitoring and Analytics

BizTalk Administration

Operations Dashboards

The launch page of BizTalk360. Easily customizable according to user requirements through easy-to-add and removable widgets. That’s not just it! Create your own custom dashboard with the widgets of your choice. How does that sound? Interesting? Then check out the Dashboard by installing a trial of BizTalk360.


Simple and easy way to use the features of BizTalk360 from the dashboard in a single click. There’s no restriction to use only what we provide. Say, you use Salesforce frequently in your organization. Then you can define your own widget that pulls information from the Salesforce application and display it on the dashboard as a widget.

Live Feed

As an administrator, easily track what’s being done by all users in a single pane. If some action is critical, rectify the issue in a single click.

User Profile

Customize your user profile information with a nice profile picture (that’s reflected across the application), set up the time zone of your preference, and your preferred date/time format.

Search Artifacts

How long does it take for you to search the design time artifacts using BizTalk Server Administration Console? With BizTalk360, search the design time artifacts amongst 100s of applications in about 30-45 seconds! Sounds challenging? Why not give it a try then?

Application Control

Take full control over your BizTalk applications directly from the BizTalk360 user interface. Perform all application level and artifact level operations (Start, Stop, Enable, Disable, Enlist, and Unenlist) in a single click.

Message Box (Queries) and Tracking Data (Queries)

That’s not something new! Is that what you are thinking? If yes, well … you are probably right. But with this feature in BizTalk360, access the information about your service instances/messages and tracked data directly from the BizTalk360 user interface. No more logging into the BizTalk Administration Console to take a look at these information! That’s not it. We’ve given you additional capabilities to be able to save and open the queries from a central location.

Graphical Flow (tracking)

Curious to know how your message traversed through BizTalk? Finding it difficult to track the message path using BizTalk Administration Console or tired of asking your BizTalk experts to help you understand the process? Check out BizTalk360 Graphical Flow (Tracking) functionality. Easily visualize the message flow through clear and interactive graphical flow diagrams.

BAM Portal

View the BAM related data (such as BAM Views, BAM Activities, and so on) right within the BizTalk360 UI.

ESB Portal

Access the ESB exception data directly on the BizTalk360 user interface. Just a simple configuration and you’ll have the required configuration in place to be able to download, edit, and bulk submit messages back to the receive location (of your choice).

Download and Bulk Submit ESB Messages

In addition to the ESB exception viewing capabilities, you can download the messages to your local system, and bulk submit (resubmit) messages to a particular receive location (such as SOAP OnRamp/WCF OnRamp/any other custom receive location).

Business Rules

View all the Business Rule Policies, Rules, Conditions, and Actions within the BizTalk360 user interface. Additionally, with the available permissions, you can create business rules, publish and deploy them into the BizTalk environment from BizTalk360.

Secure SQL Queries

Concerned about what level of permissions need to be granted to BizTalk administrators? Don’t worry! BizTalk360 Secure SQL Queries comes with a pre-defined set of SQL queries that are specific to BizTalk, and can be easily used by the administrators. In addition, administrators can add their own queries depending on the business requirements. How do you validate these new queries? Well, BizTalk360 allows you to do that within the user interface (with the appropriate permissions).

BizTalk Server Licensing Widget

Are you struggling to understand how many BizTalk Server licenses you require for your servers? BizTalk360 transforms the required knowledge into a small widget in the Dashboard. The widget will display key information like BizTalk Server edition, server type, processor type, number of cores, processor manufacturer, retail license cost per server, how many servers to be licensed and total cost for the environment.

NT Services Operation in BizTalk and SQL Servers

One of the main objective for BizTalk Administrators from a security perspective is to stop people logging on/off into production BizTalk and SQL servers during business hours. With BizTalk360, you can manage them directly in the web console. In addition, the activities will be audited by BizTalk360.

Advanced Event Viewer

Do you use multiple servers in your environment? How often you are forced to switch into each server to look for the cause of a problem (into the event viewer)? This is where BizTalk360 Advanced Event Viewer (AEV) plays an important role for administrators to save time. AEV consolidates all the reports from multiple event viewers into a consolidated view in the user interface.

Electronic Data Interchange, Parties, and Agreements

Want to keep track of EDI messages that pass through the BizTalk system on a constant basis? BizTalk360 avoids access to BizTalk Administration Console and provides all the EDI reports directly in the user interface. BizTalk360 also provides information on the associated parties, their business profile, and the agreements that exist between the parties.

Operational Governance and Auditing

Want to know who did what in your environment? BizTalk360 audits all user activities on applications, service instances, host instances, ESB message activities, and business rule activities. It’s as easy as seeing “Who did what operation on which artifact of which application at what time”.

Fine Grained User Access Policy

With BizTalk360, you are no longer restricted to “BizTalk Administrators Group” or “BizTalk Operators Group”. As a BizTalk administrator, you had the rights to create other users with elevated rights or normal rights. The rights can be fine grained to the level of access to specific applications in the environment. Say, Bob can have access only to finance applications, while Scott will have access only to HR related applications.

Module wise access restrictions

Define user level access to applications/modules depending on user roles. For instance, a Level 1 Support Engineer should have restricted access privileges when compared to a project level manager. Say, access only to view the application modules compared to being able to operate on the modules.

Backup/DR Visualizer

Easily configure your standby (DR) environment and get a single page view to check the health of your backup/DR configuration.

Message Box Viewer

BizTalk360 integrates the 400+ rules in the Message Box Viewer that validate whether the environment is in a healthy state. Schedule and allow MBV to execute at specific intervals and view the reports directly in the BizTalk360 user interface.

Ability to Create KB Articles

Do your support engineers document the frequently encountered issues as articles/blogs/wiki? Forget the traditional way of maintaining information and try the Integrated Knowledge Base functionality of BizTalk360. User friendly rich text editor to create articles and easy way to tag them with the error codes. You also have the option of choosing whether to display the article or not in a particular environment! Tag your knowledge base articles to Service instance error codes, ESB Exceptions, event logs, and throttling data.

Activate/Deactivate licenses within BizTalk360 User Interface

Easily activate and deactivate the license from the UI. Flexibility to use the deactivated license in a different environment until the expiry period.

Manual Activation and Deactivation

Don’t have an internet connection on the server where BizTalk360 is installed? Don’t worry! We’ve covered that for you! All it takes is a 5-step simple approach to get going with BizTalk360.

Dynamic Topology Diagram

Want to know the complete infrastructure of your server environment? No more running behind those old Visio/MS-Word diagrams stored in a SharePoint or on a remote computer. With BizTalk360, instantly view the server infrastructure. Be it removing/replacing a server, or adding a new server to your environment – your topology diagram is always up-to-date.

Information of your BizTalk Environment

Get to know all the vital information about your BizTalk environment within the application – be it Host Instances, Hosts, Message Boxes, Tracking Manager, Adapters. You name it, we have it there for you!

Advanced Tracking Manager

Enable/disable global tracking settings through the Quick Actions pane. Set up tracking on artifacts like Receive Ports, Send Ports, Orchestrations, Schemas, Pipelines, and Policies of the BizTalk application from the UI. Get a birds eye view of the tracking status of all the applications in a single screen.

Manage SQL Jobs Operation from web console

SQL jobs play a vital role in a BizTalk Server environment and are responsible for keeping your BizTalk environment healthy. They take care of routine house keeping activities like moving data from Message Box database to Tracking database, purging/archiving tracked data, backup/disaster log shipping etc. BizTalk360 has the capability to manage SQL jobs directly from the web console.

BizTalk Monitoring

Create/Manage Alarms

Alarms act as a package for you to map all your environment artifacts under a single umbrella and enable monitoring for the environment. One of the most important features of BizTalk360; it sets the base for the entire monitoring functionality.

Threshold Violation

Once you’ve created an alarm, all it takes is to configure the threshold violation for the artifacts. It’s as simple as your alarm clock. You create a “New Alarm”, set it to 5 AM, and turn it on. It’s the same concept here in BizTalk360. Set the threshold value as, say, receive locations must be started, send ports must be started, suspended instances count should not be more than 10, and so on!

Monitoring Dashboard

Fine grained, colour coded graphical view of the status of BizTalk applications (and their artifacts), and associated mappings (BizTalk Servers, SQL Servers, SQL Server Instances, BizTalk Environment). Administrators can now relax with a cup of coffee and watch a wide screen monitor with the BizTalk360 dashboard to know the status/health of their environment, and respond to critical alerts immediately.

Health Check Notifications

As a BizTalk administrator/support team person, you are forced to check the health of your BizTalk environment every morning. Doesn’t this sound a repetitive task for you to perform on a daily basis? Don’t worry! With BizTalk360, it’s easy to configure health check on the environment and receive automated emails with the health status at a particular time of the day.

Data Monitoring

Tired of frequently starting Suspended (Resumable) service instances, or terminating the non-resumable ones? Take advantage of BizTalk360 Data Monitoring capability to automate such repetitive tasks. Save your time and effort!! With BizTalk360, set up data monitoring on Message Box Data, Tracking Data, BAM Data, ESB Data, EDI data.

Receive Instance details, Message Content & Context information with email notification

In addition to configuring Data Monitoring, BizTalk360 can be customized to trigger the message details and the message content and context information (as a zip file package) to be easily able to identify the message content and take an action on it.

Process Monitoring

Tired of constantly watching your application to see if specific number of messages have been received/sent at a time frame? Relax! BizTalk360 Process Monitoring can keep track of the messages passing through a particular port at a point of time! When we mean “point of time”, you can define when during the day, at what time, and when you want the monitor to execute! Call it providing fine-grained functionality!

Azure Services Monitoring (Logic Apps, API Apps)

Does your integration solution extend into the cloud (say, uses a Logic App for processing)? Looking to monitor this hybrid integration solution? With BizTalk360, monitor your entire integration solution (on-premise + cloud) in a seamless way. You can set up monitoring of your API App and Logic App against an expected state. Whenever there is a state violation, BizTalk360 will alert the user through the notification channels. With Logic Apps, the monitoring service will automatically try to heal the state of your Logic App to the expected state.

Advanced Web Endpoints Monitoring

Monitor GET and POST requests to your HTTP web endpoints, add specific query string parameters, post data on POST request, and add HTTP headers. You can validate the HTTP response through HTTP status check and look for specific value in the HTTP response (both JSON and XML).

Data Monitoring for Azure Logic Apps

Let’s say, you are expecting to process 5 purchase orders from a FTP location every hour and you haven’t received the expected volume, then BizTalk360 can alert you with a threshold violation alert through data monitoring. We have extended the same concept to Azure Logic Apps to alert you based on historical transactions within a time window.

File Monitoring

With File monitoring, BizTalk360 automatically lists down all the receive locations and send ports that uses BizTalk FILE adapter and allows users to configure monitoring in just few clicks.

FTP/FTPS/SFTP Monitoring

FTP based integrations are key in most of enterprise integration scenarios. BizTalk Server comes with three different adapters — FTP, FTPS and SFTP to tackle FTP scenarios where the variations are mainly around the security capabilities of the FTP server. You can monitor FTP locations for data pile up.

Data Monitoring Dashboard

View the status of the service instances in a nice graphical manner. Different colour coding depending on the status of the service instance to easily distinguish the results on the graph. With a single click on the graph view the detailed status information.

Notification and Alert History

Easily view the errors and warnings in the environment within the application. Navigate to the problematic area in a single click! Keep track of the alerts that are triggered from BizTalk360 through the Alert History feature.

Notification Channels

Get notified of threshold violations from BizTalk360 on one of the following notification channels – Email, SMS, External Notification Channels (Slack & ServiceNow). All it takes is just few minutes to configure these sources, and receive the alerts. Additionally, define your own custom notification channel using our notification channel templates.

Email Templates

Customize the emails that you receive from BizTalk360 according to your business requirements. For instance, the “Email Sender” information, “Subject” information to be easily able to filter out BizTalk360 specific emails, colour theme to suit your organization requirements. Any customizations to the user interface, we leave it at your discretion!

HP Operation Manager Integration

With BizTalk360, receive BizTalk specific alerts on your HP Operations Manager interface (if your organization is already using one!). We’ve made it simple for you to be able to still use what you have while working with BizTalk360. How cool is that?

Stop Alerts for Maintenance

At times, you may have to take the environment down for maintenance – say, when you are deploying a new version or while making any configuration changes. In these situations, you can set BizTalk360 to stop sending alerts during the maintenance window (to avoid receiving false alerts). Post completion of the maintenance window, BizTalk360 will start triggering alerts normally.

Alarm Export/Import Functionality

Let’s say, you have tested the monitoring configuration of the staging/UAT environment (with 50-60 alarms), and you want the exact monitoring configuration in your production environment. Will you manually create all the 50-60 alarms again in the production environment? This will be a humongous task for the BizTalk administrator. To overcome this problem, BizTalk360 helps administrators to export alarms from one environment (testing/UAT) and import it easily into another environment (production).

Auto Healing

As a BizTalk administrator, the most common problem you’d face in an environment when there is an issue is that a critical receive location or a send port is accidentally in the stopped/disabled state. BizTalk360 Auto Healing capability allows administrators to set the “heal time” for “state based artifacts” (receive locations, send ports, orchestrations, NT Services, SQL Jobs, Host Instances) – time by which the actual state shall match the expected state.

Automatic High Availability

Out-of-the-box, BizTalk360 Monitoring Service is configured for high availability. It’s very simple to configure your backup server, so that you don’t lose out on monitoring your environment at any time.

MSMQ and Azure Service Bus Queue Monitoring

With BizTalk360, you can monitor queue size, active count, journal count, and dead letter count. For Azure Service Bus Queue, you can monitor Queue Status, Queue Size, Messages Count, Active Messages Count, Schedule Messages Count, Dead Letter Messages Count, Transfer Messages Count and Transfer Dead Letter Messages Count.

BizTalk Health Monitoring

For many years, BizTalk360 had full support for Message Box Viewer. Since Microsoft deprecated it and introduced BHM, we introduced support for BHM and deprecated MBV support.

IBM MQ Monitoring

Queues play a vital role in enterprise integration especially for robustness, store and forward patterns. BizTalk360 provides the ability to monitor IBM MQ — both MQSC and MQS based configurations.

BizTalk Analytics


Gather insights into the BizTalk server environment performance through colourful graphs and charts. Know the performance metrics such as messaging performance, port level & schema level failure rate using easy to handle widgets. Create your own widgets with custom metrics to keep an eye on the performance.

Messaging Patterns

There may be 100s and 1000s of messages passing through your BizTalk server environment on a daily basis. The only way to know the message pattern is by viewing the Graphical Flow of the messages. With the Messaging Patterns functionality, get to know the list of unique messaging patterns in your environment in a nice graphical view. In addition, view the graphs of message count and average execution time on the receive port, orchestrations, and send port.

Throttling Analyser

Throttling is the most complicated concept of BizTalk server. To understand the concept effectively, you must be a BizTalk expert! With BizTalk360 Throttling Analyser capability, get to know the different conditions when your BizTalk server throttles through easy and interactive graph charts.

New Relic Integration

Does your organization use New Relic for enterprise wide monitoring? Now view the BizTalk server performance metrics through interactive custom dashboards within New Relic platform. BizTalk360 seamlessly integrates with New Relic and transmits key performance metrics to New Relic. BizTalk360 is a listed plugin in the New Relic Marketplace..


BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer and Azure Marketplace

Fascinated working on the cloud with Microsoft’s Azure offerings? Don’t worry! We’ve got it covered for you. With BizTalk360 Easy installer, get started with your standalone setup of BizTalk360 with just one PowerShell command. BizTalk360 is also listed on the Azure Marketplace for customers who have a full blown environment setup in the cloud (with domain, virtual network, and so on). In this case, BizTalk360 runs independently on its own VM and connects to all the BizTalk environments available in the network.

API Access

More than 350 APIs to help administrators cover the Operations, Monitoring, and Analytics of their BizTalk server environment and retrieve specific information from the environment. A simple HTTP GET call is all that you need to retrieve the information into your application!

BizTalk360 Chrome Extension

Easily access all your BizTalk360 environments seamlessly. In addition, you can search documentation, raise support tickets, configure and access multiple BizTalk360 environments using the simple Google Chrome extension.

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