Do not treat your BizTalk environment as a black box. Get insights into what is happening

There’s more to your BizTalk environment

Don’t treat your BizTalk environment like a big black box, not knowing what’s happening inside. The analytics capabilities of BizTalk360 are designed exactly to address this challenge. You can visualize a lot of interesting facts about your BizTalk environment like number of messages processed, failure rate at message type level, BizTalk server CPU/Memory performances, BizTalk process (host instances, SSO, rules engine, EDI etc) CPU/memory utilization and lots more.

Fully customizable analytics dashboards

Compose the dashboard in whatever way you would like to view the analytics of your environment. You can resize the chart widgets, move them around, have multiple data series for comparison in the same chart and finally have multiple dashboards as well (Example: one for SAP to Salesforce integration, one for Web to Oracle integration etc.,) Watch us build a beautiful dashboard in less than 2 minutes.

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Analytics Messaging Patterns

Visualize your messaging patterns

In a typical BizTalk environment, you will have various message patterns going on. It could be a simple one way messaging, moving customers from SAP to Salesforce, or more complex messaging pattern with an orchestration connecting to web services for a credit card processing workflow. BizTalk360 automatically visualizes all the available message patterns in your BizTalk environment, and on top of it, we overlay with interesting information like message count, average processing time.

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Are you interested in viewing your performance metrics of your BizTalk environment in a graphical manner, while just relying on the out-of-the-box tools? Do you think it is impossible? Then the answer is NO. However, this is possible through BizTalk360, which aims to offer out of box capabilities that provide graphical display of the key performance metrics of BizTalk server. Users can also generate a PDF document of the performance counters at a specific time, receive them automatically via a pre-configured schedule, and share it with the management.

AppDynamics Integration

Does your organization use AppDynamics to monitor the performance of an application? BizTalk360 brings integration with AppDynamics. Now you can view the BizTalk Server performance metrics through interactive custom dashboards within AppDynamics.

Analytics Messaging Patterns


If currently your organization is using Dynatrace to monitor operating systems, network protocols, system metrics, network infrastructure, applications etc., then this feature might interest you. BizTalk360 brings integration with Dynatrace, by pushing BizTalk metrics to Dynatrace. This enables you to view performance metrics of your BizTalk environment in Dynatrace.

Correlate metrics up and down the stack

We collect all the metrics silently in the background so that you can build multi dimensional interactive analytics dashboards for your BizTalk environments and correlate issues between different data points.

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  • analytics-server Server
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Processes
    • Throttling
    • Disks
    • Network
  • analytics-message Message Box
    • Instances
    • Spool
    • Dead Processes
    • Subscriptions
  • analytics-host Host
    • Host Length
    • Instances Count
    • Suspended Messages
  • analytics-data Tracking Data
    • Failure Rate
    • Messaging Performance

Understand your BizTalk environment capacity using throttling analyser


Your BizTalk environment is constantly analysed by 100’s of performance counters to maintain an optimal working environment. If your downstream legacy system is slow and it cannot process messages above a certain load, BizTalk will automatically start slowing down itself. This is an excellent feature from BizTalk Server.

However for anyone to understand whether your BizTalk environment is healthy or under throttling condition will require substantial under-the-hood knowledge plus time to set up tools like Perfmon, PAL etc., to capture and analyse throttling data.

BizTalk360 makes it super simple to understand throttling and your environment capacity by collecting, analysing and representing the information in a simple to understand visualizer with drill down capabilities.

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At Columbia Sportswear, BizTalk360 is used in our production and non-production environments. In our non-production environment, we have granted business analysts access to the BizTalk Applications through BizTalk360. It makes their testing cycle more efficient. In production, we are making good use of the monitoring. BizTalk360 monitors the health of the servers, application and SQL, as well as the health of the interfaces. If a file wasn’t received or sent in time, if a host is throttling, if the error threshold is attained, BizTalk360 notifies the appropriate groups and allows us to better serve our clients.
Nicolas Fischer BizTalk Developer, Columbia Sportswear, Portland, Oregon, United States

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