Release date: 26th Oct 2023

BizTalk360 Version 10.8

Exciting new features which are shipped in this version are

BizTalk360 v10.4

Alert Escalation Policies

Escalation policy helps the operational team to receive notification to the different levels of recipients for persistent violations. The follow-up of escalation incidents ensures prompt attention to the critical issues with the open and acknowledged incidents!

IIS & BizTalk Server Logs

BizTalk360 users can view the logs from configured the IIS Servers and BizTalk Servers in the Administration Manage Infrastructure.

  • Supported IIS Log Format (IIS, NCSA, W3C and Custom)
  • From BizTalk Server view Log4Net Logs

Content Size Monitoring

Monitor the message content size in the process monitoring when the message is not received with the expected content size in the receive location or send ports. The message processed violates the threshold limit which triggers the notification via

  • Email
  • Notification channels

Advisor Recommendations

Feature usage data helps to generate recommendations for the uncovered features in the BizTalk360.

In addition to this, the users can have recommendations about environmental health,

  • Highly Recommended
  • Suggested
  • Considered
Advisor Recommendations

Check the latest enhancements

BizTalk360 enchancements
  • In Administration Host Instances, represent the clustered host instances with grouping
  • Secure SQL Queries now supports Azure Active Directory authentication (User Name, Service principal and Access Token)
BizTalk360 enchancements
  • In SQL Server monitoring, Active/Passive nodes are determined with SQL Server Instances.
  • Database Query monitoring supports the Azure Active Directory Authentication.
BizTalk360 enchancements
  • Legends customization in Analytics and Administration widgets.
  • Reporting widgets are populated the data for scheduled time range.
BizTalk360 enchancements
Automated Task
  • Introduce the interval between task execution in custom workflow.
  • Show warning when artifacts conflicts with Autocorrect configuration.
BizTalk360 enchancements
  • Integrated Troubleshooter supports the gMSA service account.
  • Improve the performance in getting service instances and Alarms monitoring status count on the home page.
BizTalk360 enchancements
  • Improve the performance in getting service instances and Alarms monitoring status count.
  • Secure the folders in IIS by disabling the Directory Browsing from the BizTalk360 Installer.

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