What is BizTalk360?

BizTalk360 is one stop solution for Microsoft BizTalk Server . You can utmost manage and monitor all your BizTalk server components with BizTalk360 .

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Administration Dashboards

.video-status-info{display: none;} Visualize your...

Duration: 3:34

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Advanced Event Viewer

Become super productive by being able to view mult...

Duration: 2:45

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Secure SQL Queries

Secure platform to store predefined queries and pr...

Duration: 3:31

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Graphical Message Flow

Visualize the end-to-end message transaction in a ...

Duration: 7:14

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Manage NT Services

Effectively manage Windows NT Services, which runs...

Duration: 2.03

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BizTalk Health Monitoring

This integration enables you to schedule BHM and v...

Duration: 2.25

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ESB Dashboard

.video-status-info{display: none;} ESB Dashboard ...

Duration: 2.59

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EDI Features

EDI Reporting Manager, Dashboard, and Functional A...

Duration: 18.03

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Business Rules Composer

Web based Rules composer for business users to man...

Duration: 6:38

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Logic Apps Operations

Efficiently manage your AzureLogic Apps from...

Duration: 2.30

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Monitoring Overview

Having proper monitoring solution in place is like...

Duration: 21:43

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Auto Healing

Wouldn’t it be nice if your monitoring system ca...

Duration: 3:15

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BizTalk Server Host Throttling

Get instant alerts if there is a throttling condit...

Duration: 3:57

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BizTalk Server Availability

With the BizTalk Server availability monitoring yo...

Duration: 2:01

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Web Endpoint Monitoring

Set up configuration on the response alert that is...

Duration: 4.20

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File Monitoring

File Monitoring -Helps you to monitor all the Fil...

Duration: 5.25

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Monitoring MSMQ

Monitor all your local and remote queues from BizT...

Duration: 3.07

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IBM MQ Monitoring

IBMQ Monitoring -Monitor the accessibility of your...

Duration: 4.00

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Monitoring Azure Services

Monitor Logic Apps and API apps with simple steps ...

Duration: 3.40

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Data Monitoring

.video-status-info{display: none;} Set up non-eve...

Duration: 10:35

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Operations Automation

Automatically terminate, resume, suspend service i...

Duration: 3:43

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Logic Apps Data Monitoring

Monitor Azure Logic Apps to alert based on histori...

Duration: 2.24

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Custom Notification Channels

Get alerted on critical issues through different n...

Duration: 4:53

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.video-status-info{display: none;} Get deeper ins...

Duration: 2:17

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Correlating Metric

.video-status-info{display: none;} Build an inter...

Duration: 5:47

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Throttling Analyser

.video-status-info{display: none;} Throttling Ana...

Duration: 3:46

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Messaging Patterns

.video-status-info{display: none;} Identify all t...

Duration: 3:32

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BizTalk Reports

Graphically view your BizTalk environment performa...

Duration: 4:28

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Integration with New Relic

View the real-time performance metrics of the BizT...

Duration: 3.13

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Team Knowledgebase

.video-status-info{display: none;} Associate Know...

Duration: 5:15

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Governance and Auditing

.video-status-info{display: none;} Provide right ...

Duration: 6:37

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Stop Alert Maintenance

.video-status-info{display: none;} The alarms wil...

Duration: 2:29

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API Access

.video-status-info{display: none;} Complete REST ...

Duration: 4:29

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