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Rock Solid Monitoring for your BizTalk environment, period.

BizTalk360 is built from the ground up keeping in mind all the challenges that arise in monitoring a middleware platform like BizTalk server. The traditional monitoring solutions provides some basic plugins/management packs covering the basics of BizTalk, whereas BizTalk360 covers the depth and breadth of monitoring your BizTalk environments including external factors like SQL servers, SQL instances, Web endpoints, Database queries etc.

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Monitor for non-events

What happens if you didn’t receive the message you were expecting periodically? (Example: invoice, patient health record, financial transaction, insurance claim etc.,)

BizTalk360 helps you to monitor for non-events across various data points in your BizTalk environment. We call it Data Monitoring; and it covers Message Box, Tracking, BAM, EDI, ESB and Receive/Send ports. You can monitor for events with flexible time window. Example: It could be every 15 mins, 1 hour, End of Business day, any day in the week, or even specific days of the month.

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5 minutes configuration

We made it really, really simple for people to configure monitoring for their BizTalk environments. Your first configuration to monitor BizTalk should take less than 5 minutes. Watch as we build an actionable monitoring configuration in under 90 seconds.

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Well thought through monitoring Dashboards

BizTalk360 comes with 2 different monitoring dashboards. One with a hierarchical tree view for artifacts (receive locations, send ports, SQL jobs, NT services etc.,) state monitoring, where nodes are colour coded in Green, Yellow and Red. Other with a calendar view with drill down option to monitor no-events data, where day/time slots are colour coded in Green and Red. The dashboards get updated in real time, making it easy to pinpoint any problems.

Get alerted on critical issues via different notification channels

Out of the box, BizTalk360 supports Email, SMS, Windows Event Viewer, HP Operation Manager, Slack and ServiceNow (the list is growing constantly). BizTalk360 also comes with powerful (yet simple to use) SDK to build your own custom notification channels. Example: When an alert is triggered, execute a PowerShell script, or call a REST endpoint, and so on. You can even use different notification channels for different alert priorities. For example, use SMS for urgent notifications.

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Export & Import monitoring configurations between environments

You did all the hard work of testing your monitoring configuration in your QA environment like UAT or Staging. Now you want to move that configuration to production. Are you going to manually reconfigure it? No way! BizTalk360 makes it super simple to move your configuration from QA to Production.

Artifacts Monitored

Everything you need to monitor to make sure your BizTalk solutions are healthy

  • biztalk artifacts
    Receive Locations
  • artifacts
    Send Ports
  • artifacts
  • artifacts
    Host Instances
  • artifacts
    Service Instances
  • artifacts
    Web Endpoints
  • artifacts
    Database Queries
  • artifacts
  • artifacts
    NT Services
  • artifacts
    Event Logs
  • artifacts
    Disk Space
  • artifacts
    SQL Jobs
  • biztalk artifacts
    MBV Reports

Automatic recovery from failures

BizTalk360 not only can notify you of any failures; it can also auto recover any state based failures. Let’s take an example: You are using a FTP receive location to poll invoice messages from a FTP server. When there is an intermittent connectivity issue, the BizTalk receive location will quietly go down without any indication. In this scenario, BizTalk360 can notify relevant teams about failures, and in addition, it can also auto correct and enable the stopped FTP receive location. No more midnight calls to your support team, just to re-enable that faulty BizTalk receive location.

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Don’t struggle with general purpose monitoring products

We have seen companies struggling for weeks & months to configure something like Microsoft SCOM or similar tools to monitor BizTalk solutions. Normally the SCOM team won’t understand BizTalk and vice versa. It’s hard to find someone who understands both. BizTalk360 is designed keeping simplicity in mind. You’ll be up and running in no time with our agentless technology.

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BizTalk Administrators will realize how powerful, user-friendly and productive BizTalk360 is. That’s my experience with this product that has everything I need for monitor and manage various BizTalk environments under one umbrella. Thank you, BizTalk360!
Steef Jan Wiggers Microsoft Integration MVP, Netherlands

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