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Manual monitoring consumes a substantial amount of time. Allow BizTalk360 to handle all monitoring while you focus on other vital tasks.  

650+ enterprises are managing thier BizTalk servers across the globe

Artifacts Monitoring

Compare the states of BizTalk artifacts to a pre-set state in order to identify any inconsistencies.

  • Receive Locations
  • Send Ports
  • Orchestrations
  • Service Instances

Automatically detect and recover threshold violation conditions

Setup at artifact level

Any state-based artefact that is monitored can automatically be brought to its required state.

Retry & Attempt count

Configure how often BizTalk360 should try to recover a component after a threshold violation.

Email notifications

Receive detailed status information on the auto-recovery of a specific component via email.

Governance & Auditing

All auto-recovery actions are integrated with auditing, providing more assurance about who performed what.

Endpoints Monitoring

Protect your transactions by monitoring if all messages/files are picked up from their endpoints.

  • Queues
  • Locations (File, FTP & SFTP sites)
  • Web Endpoints

Platform Monitoring

To process the messages properly, the BizTalk platform requires monitoring and receiving notifications when something unexpected happens. BizTalk360 helps to monitor the below components.

  • CPU/Memory
  • Disk Space
  • Database Monitoring
  • BizTalk health Monitor
  • Host Throttling
  • Host Instances
  • Event Logs
  • NT Services
  • SQL Jobs

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