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  • Bronze
    Monitor all the artifacts you can imagine and keep your BizTalk environment healthy
    Advanced Web Endpoints Monitoring
    Endpoints monitoring functionality has been improved to include Payload and Custom Header in addition to authorization credentials and Proxy settings. You can also set up configuration on the response alert that is expected from the web endpoint. The response alert configuration is made available for Plain text, XML, and JSON. In the response alert configuration, you can configure alerts for return code, keyword, and response time.
    BizTalk Server Availability MonitoringNew
    Now monitor the BizTalk Server availability using BizTalk360 monitoring feature. Server Availability is determined by either ICMP protocol or Telnet Protocol.
    Basic read-only Admin web console
    You’ll be able to view all the applications and majority of the artifacts in your BizTalk environment. However, you cannot perform any actions like starting, stopping, etc.
    Manage SQL Jobs
    SQL jobs play a vital role in a BizTalk Server environment. SQL Jobs are responsible for keeping your BizTalk environment healthy. We have brought the capabilities to manage SQL jobs directly from the web console.
    Manage NT Services in BizTalk and SQL Servers
    One of the main objectives for BizTalk Administrators from a security perspective is to stop people logging on/off into production BizTalk and SQL servers during business hours. In BizTalk360 version 8.4 NT Services on BizTalk and SQL Servers can be managed directly in the web console. In addition, the activities will be audited by BizTalk360.
    BizTalk Server Licensing Widget
    From BizTalk360 version 8.4, we are adding the BizTalk Server License widget which will precisely tell you the number of licenses required and the retail cost.
  • Silver
    Get all Bronze features PLUS
    Data Monitoring (Message Box, Tracking, Ports)
    Message Box Data Monitoring
    Helps you to watch out for a condition that happens with live data in BizTalk Message box. Example: Suspended Instances for Application “PO Processing” reaches 500 with an error code of “0x23543” and instance status is “Suspended (Non-resumable)”.
    Tracking Data Monitoring
    Helps you to monitor certain volume of business transaction based on tracked context properties. Example: If “PO Number” contains “Contoso” and “Is Processed flag is false”.
    Ports Monitoring
    Helps you to configure transaction volume at Receive Ports and Send ports level. Example: Expecting 300 messages per hour from SAP.
    Advanced Monitoring Tools
    Import/Export alarm configuration
    You may want to test all your monitoring configuration in your staging or UAT environment and move them to production seamlessly. The import/export features allows you to do exactly same. It will help you to map the variation between environments like BizTalk server names, SQL server names, SQL instance names etc.
    Auto Healing
    In addition to simply notifying someone when there is a problem in the environment, the auto-healing capability will try to rectify the problem automatically. Example: If FTP receive location went down for some reason, BizTalk360 will attempt to bring it back automatically.
    Operation Automation
    Some of the routine mundane tasks like periodically terminating or resuming suspended (non-resumable) instances can be done via BizTalk360 seamlessly.
    BizTalk Admin Web Console
    Out of the box, there is no web based access to your BizTalk environments. The only management tool that ships with BizTalk server is the standard BizTalk admin console, which is a MMC based snap in. BizTalk360 provides complete web access to your BizTalk environment with easy to use and beautiful modern web interface with dashboards, productivity and health check tools.
    User Access Security
    The security mechanism in the standard BizTalk admin console is very poor. It relies on two NT groups called “BizTalk Administrator” and “BizTalk Operator” group. The rules for the “BizTalk Operators” group is hard coded without any flexibility. This forces every support person to have BizTalk administrator rights. BizTalk360 solves this challenge by providing a robust, fully customizable security mechanism. For example, you can seamlessly provide read-only access to people, restrict users to only certain applications, protect people from accessing confidential message content etc.
    Governance / Auditing
    When you are a group of support people diagnosing and solving problems in your production environment, it’s important to keep track of who is doing what in the environment. The standard BizTalk admin console doesn’t come with any auditing capability. Support people can pretty much do anything without getting noticed. BizTalk360 solves this problem by logging each and every activity of the support people. If there are any conflicts/problems, you can easily pinpoint how the issue originated.
    Graphical Message Flow
    BizTalk is a loosely coupled publish and subscribe engine. It’s often very hard to understand the transaction flow of messages. How did the message travel from A to B? Graphical message flow capability helps users to understand the message flow in a visual way with very interactive diagram. You can clearly see the messages, their context properties, any exception, port and orchestration configuration, all in one place. This helps even a non-BizTalk person to understand the flow of the transaction seamlessly.
    Tracking Manager (View Only)
    You track information at various places – pipelines, orchestrations, schemas, global tracking etc. Tracking manager from BizTalk360 helps to visualize all these data in a single page at application level, making you super productive.
    Topology Viewer
    In a complex environment setup (with multiple BizTalk Servers and SQL Servers), it is very important for the BizTalk Administrator to know the topology of their environment. With BizTalk360, say goodbye to Visio or MS Word to create the infrastructure topology diagrams. BizTalk360 will create these diagrams automatically for you, depending on the current environment configuration at the point of time.
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    Get all Silver features PLUS
    Data Monitoring (ESB, BAM)
    ESB Exception Data Monitoring
    If you are using ESB toolkit exception management framework, you may be interested to get alerted when certain conditions are triggered. Example: A particular “Shipping Application” is receiving too many exceptions. BizTalk360 “ESB data monitoring” will help you to monitor for these conditions and alert you.
    BAM Monitoring
    If your organisation is using BAM for capturing business critical data like KPI metrics, you can use BAM data monitoring to look out for some key events and alert relevant people.
    Enterprise Notification Channels
    In addition to the standard notification channels like email, SMS, and writing to event viewers, BizTalk360 comes with few enterprise notification channels like Slack, ServiceNow and HP Operations Manager. It also provides a rich SDK and seamless user interface for building custom notification channels. For example: Executing a PowerShell or calling a REST Web Hooks, etc., can be easily achieved.
    Webhook Channel​​​
    In addition to the existing custom notification channel like the Slack and ServiceNow in BizTalk360, you can create notification channel using REST channels to get notifications from BizTalk360.
    MSMQ Monitoring
    BizTalk360 comes with inbuilt capabilities to monitor MSMQ and helps you to ensure the performance of your messaging service. This includes real time monitoring of queue size, active messages, dead letters, and journal messages in the queue. Monitor all your local and remote queues and set different threshold conditions to alert you. 
    File Location
    BizTalk360 now has the capability to monitor the health of File locations based on the File count.
    FTP/FTPS Location
    BizTalk360 now has the capability to monitor the health of FTP/FTPS based on the File count.
    ESB Exception Portal
    It’s full blown replacement to the sample ESB portal that ships with ESB Toolkit. You’ll be able to manage exceptions, edit and resubmit messages, re-submit bulk messages and you can also set monitoring for exceptions conditions.
    ESB Dashboard
    BizTalk360 combines the power of ESB and BAM to monitor, analyse and improve their ESB integrations to achieve the maximum performance. With the ESB Dashboard, you can view aggregate reports of ESB Fault Count, ESB Resubmissions, and ESB Itineraries in a graphical view.
    BAM Portal
    BizTalk360 comes with inbuilt Business Activity Monitoring portal that allows administrators and support people to access the activities and view data stored in BAM database seamlessly. You can also have notification alerts for certain BAM data thresholds.
    Advanced Event Viewer
    The standard event viewer that ships with Windows is not the appropriate tool for diagnosing BizTalk problems. In a multi server BizTalk environment, you’ll need access to event viewers across all the servers. BizTalk360 addresses this challenge by providing a central web access to all the events in the BizTalk environment. You can also attach knowledge base articles to known problems.
    Team Knowledge Base
    In a middleware platform like BizTalk, there will always be some operational problems. Ex: a partner sending files with wrong datetime format. BizTalk360 allows you to create and attach KB articles for various things like event viewer id’s, suspended service instances, ESB exceptions and throttling condition. It will also intelligently match those KB articles with the exceptions during day-to-day operations, thereby making your team super productive.
    Secure SQL Queries
    Normally, it’s not a good idea to allow support people to have full access to SQL server and system databases like BizTalk Message Box, Tracking etc. BizTalk360 addresses this challenge by providing a platform to store and execute secure queries. A DBA can write valid/efficient SQL queries and provide access to support team.
    Disaster Recovery Viewer
    The only supported way of doing backup and DR in BizTalk server environment is by using the standard SQL jobs and log shipping capabilities. BizTalk360 provides a single page visualizer to check the health of your backup/DR configuration.
    BHM Integration
    Microsoft has made some major changes to Message Box Viewer(MBV) and rebranded it as BizTalk Health Monitor(BHM) with a few additional functionalities and deprecated MBV. In version 8.4 we have introduced support for BHM and deprecated MBV support.
    Tracking Manager
    Tracking Manager functionality has been improved to enable/disable tracking on the artifacts like Receive Ports, Send Ports, Orchestrations, Schemas, Pipelines, and Policies of the BizTalk Application directly from the BizTalk360 UI.
  • Platinum
    Get all Gold features PLUS
    Data Monitoring(EDI, Logic apps)
    Data Monitoring EDI
    If you are processing EDI transactions using BizTalk server, then you’ll be interested in watching out for key functional messages and acknowledgements like 810, 820 997, etc. You can easily set up BizTalk360 to monitor for those messages and alert relevant people.
    Logic Apps Data Monitoring
    In Version 8.4 release, we have added Data monitoring capabilities in Logic Apps, this will help the users to monitor the status of a specific fault code in the application in a graphical manner.
    Azure Services Monitoring (Logic Apps, API Apps, ServiceBus Queues)
    BizTalk360 enhanced its monitoring capabilities from just monitoring on-premise BizTalk services to being able to monitor BizTalk services running on Azure. BizTalk360 has the inbuilt framework to be able to monitor Azure Logic Apps, API Apps and Service Bus Queues.
    SFTP Location
    BizTalk360 now has the capability to monitor the health of SFTP locations based on the File count.
    IBM MQ Monitoring
    You can monitor the health of IBM MQ and its associated parameter like Current Queue Depth, Backout queue Depth, Current Queue usage and Backout Queue Usage.
    Host ThrottlingNew
    Enable the throttle monitoring conditions at host level and monitor publish,delivery throttle for the host instances under the configured host.
    Business Rules Composer
    The standard BRE composer that ships with BizTalk server is designed for IT people, whereas the one we designed and shipped with BizTalk360 is built for Business users. They can create/edit rules within a web based BRE composer and deploy it directly into production systems without IT help. It comes with full security model and auditing capabilities.
    EDI Management
    Provides web based access to Parties, Agreements and various EDI status reports.
    EDI Reporting Manager
    EDI Reporting Manager is now available within the BizTalk360 web console, users can manage EDI Reporting and AS2 NRR Configurations. Additionally, users can perform bulk operations in EDI Reporting Manager.
    EDI Dashboard
    BizTalk360 introduces a new Dashboard for Electronic Data Interchange that comes out of the box with 3 predefined widgets for Interchanges, Transaction Set, and AS2. You can view the EDI Dashboard data in both graphical and grid view.
    Real-time Activity Feed
    This is like real time information of what operational activities are going on in your BizTalk environment. You can understand things like who stopped host instances, terminated services instances, unenlisted orchestrations etc.
    Logic Apps Operation
    Now you’ll be able perform operational actions on Logic Apps such as Enable, Disable, Run Trigger, and Delete. In addition to this, you can perform bulk actions on the Logic Apps. Trigger history and Run history details are available in both graphical and grid view.
    Integration Account New
    As a part of increased support for Hybrid Integration, we have introduced an Integration Account feature in BizTalk360. The users can access this feature in operation section under Azure Services. This feature will help the user to view different artifacts like Schemas, Maps, Certificates, Partners and Agreements from Integration account in configured Azure subscriptions.
    Analytics Dashboards
    For pretty much every BizTalk customer, their BizTalk environment is a big black box. They won’t have any visibility of what’s going on in the environment like message volumes, failure rate at ports, CPU/Memory utilization on BizTalk/SQL servers, CPU/Memory utilization of BizTalk processes like Host Instances, Rules Engine, SSO, Base EDI service etc. BizTalk360 extracts lot of information from 100’s of performance counters and represent them in beautiful dashboards. Users can fully customize the dashboards, create multiple ones, have multiple metrics in single chart for comparison etc. Making really a must have dashboard to understand your BizTalk environment.
    Messaging Patterns
    In your BizTalk environment, you’ll have various transaction patterns. Ex: Salesforce connected to SAP, some batch processing, debatching scenarios, scatter/gather patterns etc. BizTalk360 analyses your tracking database and identifies all the various transaction patterns and represents them in a graphical way. On top of that, it overlays some interesting information like message count, execution time, and so on, thereby making it an invaluable information for your support people.
    Throttling Analyser
    Understanding throttling conditions in BizTalk requires substantial knowledge of BizTalk underlying architecture and various performance counters. It’s generally a time consuming process to set up counters, collect data over a period and finally analysing it. BizTalk360 address this challenge by providing an easy to access web interface with visual graphs that abstracts all the complexity. It helps organisation to understand the peak capacity, bottlenecks etc., in their BizTalk environment.
    New Relic Plugin
    New Relic is widely used by companies as an enterprise wide monitoring solution. It is easy to analyse the data and get insights in real-time. If you are already using New Relic, you can view the performance metrics of the BizTalk server environment across multiple dashboards within New Relic.

All tiers come with: Unlimited Applications Unlimited Users Unlimited Technical Support

  • Bronze
    Advanced Web Endpoint Monitoring
    Basic read-only admin web console
  • Silver
    Get all Bronze features PLUS
    Data Monitoring (Message Box, Tracking, Ports)
    Advanced Monitoring Tools
    BizTalk Admin Web Console
    Security, Governance / Auditing
    Graphical Message Flow
    Tracking Manager (View Only)
    Topology Viewer
  • Gold
    Get all Silver features PLUS
    Data Monitoring
    Enterprise Notification Channels
    MSMQ Monitoring
    ESB portal, BAM portal
    Advanced Event Viewer, Message Box Viewer, Disaster Recovery Viewer
    Team Knowledge Base
    Secure SQL Queries
    Tracking Manager
  • Platinum
    Get all Gold features PLUS
    Data Monitoring (EDI)
    Azure Services Monitoring
    Business Rules Composer
    EDI Management
    Real-time activity feed
    Analytics (Dashboards, Messaging Patterns, Throttling Analyser, New Relic Integration)
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All tier comes with: Unlimited Applications Unlimited Users Unlimited Technical Support

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In BizTalk world, we often end up building a lot of custom tools to fill the gaps in administration and monitoring. Soon it becomes a problem managing them and also, there are no common user interfaces between these various custom tools. BizTalk360 fills all those gaps and makes it a one-stop shop for BizTalk Server monitoring, alerting, automation, reporting, and many other capabilities. A MUST-HAVE where BizTalk server is in use.
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Following add-ons will be available that can be added to any pricing tier

Managed Services

Central portal to help consulting companies provide managed services to their BizTalk customers

BizTalk360 allows to remotely manage multiple customer sites from a central public portal. Useful feature for consulting companies who need to manage geographically distributed customer BizTalk environments from a central portal. All you need is an internet connectivity. Contact us for more details.

API Access

REST based API access for your BizTalk environment

BizTalk360 comes with 350+ REST API’s that can be used to consume information from your BizTalk environment into other applications. Example: Getting all deployed applications, SQL jobs status, Suspended instances list etc.,

SMS Pack

Send SMS notification to mobile devices

You can send mobile SMS notifications for critical monitoring alerts. You can buy SMS packs from us; no additional infrastructure required.


Why we don’t display our pricing on the website?

In the past, we have seen people misinterpreting the cost based on website information. We prefer to understand your requirement and give you the accurate prices. If you simply want to see our pricing structure, please contact us and we will send you the rate card. We strongly believe we have a really competitive pricing for the amount of features we ship. Feel free to talk to us.

What are Add-on’s?

Add-on’s are value added services which can be purchased on any pricing tier.

Will moving between tiers require re-install/re-configure?

No, it will require a simple license key change. Based on whether you are moving up or down, certain features will be enabled and certain features will be disabled.

Is there a way to evaluate before purchasing?

Of course, please visit our free-trial page. You can be up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Is the pricing for BizTalk Standard & Enterprise edition same?

No. BizTalk360 pricing for BizTalk Standard Edition is much cheaper than BizTalk Enterprise Edition.

Is the pricing for non-production (QA) environment same as production?

No. We provide BizTalk360 licensing for non-production environment at substantially low price. We just cover our technical support and upgrade cost for non-production environments.

Can I downgrade to different tier any time?

You can only downgrade to different tier during the following billing cycle. We cannot process any refunds for the current billing period.

How does a free trial work?

Free trials provide you with a full version (Platinum) of BizTalk360 for 14 days. You get the full experience of the depth and breadth of the BizTalk360 software, so that you know exactly what you’re getting when you become a BizTalk360 customer.

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