RabbitMQ Monitoring

Monitor the queue states and different queue metrics such as memory, total number of messages, number of messages ready for delivery etc.

Azure Service Widgets

View the metrics details of Logic Apps, Azure Service Bus Queues, and Topics in the Analytics dashboard widgets and BizTalk360 Reporting.


System Notifications

Admin users will get notified about index fragmentation action taken against the tables during the database maintenance.

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BizTalk360 enchancements
SQL Jobs Monitoring

Previously the SQL Jobs monitoring supports BizTalk SQL Instances alone. Now its extended to monitor the configured SQL Server Instances.

BizTalk360 enchancements
Notification Priority

Notification priority is set based on monitoring status of alarms in email and custom notification channels.

BizTalk360 enchancements
Orphaned Status

Indicate the orphaned artifacts of the alarm mapping in Landing page and Manage mapping (Orphaned Artifacts) sections.

BizTalk360 enchancements
Reporting Archive Location

Analytics reports which are saved into the configured Archive location.

BizTalk360 enchancements
Date/Time Consistency

Date Time Format has shown consistently based on user profile / System Date Time settings across the application.

BizTalk360 enchancements
Automated Tasks

In NT Services tasks, handled the exactly one active host instances for the non-clustered server scenario.

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