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BizTalk customers

We use BizTalk360 at all our Managed Services clients because it helps us deliver on our promise to reduce operational costs and improve the availability of business services. We methodically map monitoring against business impact and design for operations, we are able to reduce the number of incidents and impact of incidents with all our customers.

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Bart Scheurweghs

Senior Integration Architect –

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BizTalk customers

“Before BizTalk360, our team was spending hours getting an overall health report of the status of the 16 central BizTalk hubs. Today it’s all automated thanks to BizTalk360.”

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Anil Kongari

Senior Service Engineer, Microsoft

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“The ABB Group is running BizTalk for different applications all over the world. ABB exchanges more than a 1,000,000 document per day. We have BizTalk360 installed in all the environments and we track the different process, have multiple active alarms and use the various dashboard on a regular basis. BizTalk360 is a perfect tool for us.”

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Nicolas Blatter

Senior Consultant – ABB Group

BizTalk customers
BizTalk customers

“World’s leading beverage logistics provider selects BizTalk360 for their day-to-day operations and monitoring of BizTalk environments”

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Gilbert Verboom

Integration Specialist,
JF Hillebrand

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About 2 years ago, we upgraded to latest version of BizTalk server, thereby also replacing our BizTalk monitoring solution with BizTalk360. Since this time we’re using BizTalk360 without problems. As BizTalk itself is outsourced the alerts go to our vendor directly who will then deal with it. In general, we believe BizTalk360 is a very good solution that doesn’t need a lot of attention.

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Roy Nijman

Enterprise Solutions Delivery Manager

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BizTalk out-of-the box has no alerting capabilities. In case something fails during the processing of messages, also when a receive location goes down, we do not get alerted! BizTalk monitoring required us to use SCOM, as it was the only option Microsoft offered us. Also configuring SCOM took a lot of effort to get it right. In the mean time BizTalk360 got my attention.

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Koen Van Oost

Business Integration Architect, i8c

Air transat

“Every day, we spend a lot of time using BizTalk360. It is very easy to install, and configure; so we did not spend time trying to configure SCOM for our environment.”

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Antoine Fromentin

BizTalk Development Manager, Transat AT

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The built-in BizTalk admin tool as everybody knows is not great when it comes to day-to-day support and operations. We looked at options to control and simplify our admin and monitoring activities for our customers. We found that with BizTalk360 the information is structured in a clear and simple manner using a nice GUI. All in all, BizTalk360 is a fantastic product and we recommends this to all our BizTalk customers!

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Anders Stensland

Business Unit Manager

Columbia cus raw

At Columbia Sportswear, BizTalk360 is used in our production and non-production environments. In our non-production environment, we have granted business analysts access to the BizTalk Applications through BizTalk360. It makes their testing cycle more efficient. In production, we are making good use of the monitoring. BizTalk360 monitors the health of the servers, application and SQL, as well as the health of the interfaces.

Nicolas Fischer

Azure Developer Team Lead

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