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Trusted by the most respected brands across the world. Our successful customers love BizTalk360 for what it offers and we love them back for choosing us. Here are a few special testaments of their love for BizTalk360.

BizTalk customers

We use BizTalk360 at all our Managed Services clients because it helps us deliver on our promise to reduce operational costs and improve the availability of business services. We methodically map monitoring against business impact and design for operations, we are able to reduce the number of incidents and impact of incidents with all our customers.

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Bart Scheurweghs

Senior Integration Architect –

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BizTalk customers

“Before BizTalk360, our team was spending hours getting an overall health report of the status of the 16 central BizTalk hubs. Today it’s all automated thanks to BizTalk360.”

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Anil Kongari

Senior Service Engineer, Microsoft

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“The ABB Group is running BizTalk for different applications all over the world. ABB exchanges more than a 1,000,000 document per day. We have BizTalk360 installed in all the environments and we track the different process, have multiple active alarms and use the various dashboard on a regular basis. BizTalk360 is a perfect tool for us.”

nicolas cus raw
Nicolas Blatter

Senior Consultant – ABB Group

BizTalk customers
BizTalk customers

“World’s leading beverage logistics provider selects BizTalk360 for their day-to-day operations and monitoring of BizTalk environments”

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Gilbert Verboom

Integration Specialist,
JF Hillebrand

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About 2 years ago, we upgraded to latest version of BizTalk server, thereby also replacing our BizTalk monitoring solution with BizTalk360. Since this time we’re using BizTalk360 without problems. As BizTalk itself is outsourced the alerts go to our vendor directly who will then deal with it. In general, we believe BizTalk360 is a very good solution that doesn’t need a lot of attention.

roy cus raw
Roy Nijman

Enterprise Solutions Delivery Manager

actricis cus raw

BizTalk out-of-the box has no alerting capabilities. In case something fails during the processing of messages, also when a receive location goes down, we do not get alerted! BizTalk monitoring required us to use SCOM, as it was the only option Microsoft offered us. Also configuring SCOM took a lot of effort to get it right. In the mean time BizTalk360 got my attention.

koen cus raw
Koen Van Oost

Business Integration Architect, i8c

Air transat

“Every day, we spend a lot of time using BizTalk360. It is very easy to install, and configure; so we did not spend time trying to configure SCOM for our environment.”

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Antoine Fromentin

BizTalk Development Manager, Transat AT

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The built-in BizTalk admin tool as everybody knows is not great when it comes to day-to-day support and operations. We looked at options to control and simplify our admin and monitoring activities for our customers. We found that with BizTalk360 the information is structured in a clear and simple manner using a nice GUI. All in all, BizTalk360 is a fantastic product and we recommends this to all our BizTalk customers!

anders cus raw
Anders Stensland

Business Unit Manager

Columbia cus raw

At Columbia Sportswear, BizTalk360 is used in our production and non-production environments. In our non-production environment, we have granted business analysts access to the BizTalk Applications through BizTalk360. It makes their testing cycle more efficient. In production, we are making good use of monitoring. BizTalk360 monitors the health of the servers, application and SQL, as well as the health of the interfaces.

Nicolas Fischer

Azure Developer Team Lead

Columbia cus raw

We are using BizTalk360 for a couple of years now and it keeps our BizTalk environment well monitored. For some situations, with difficult integrations, we even gave end-users limited access so they are able to monitor their own integrations. We are using the API to stop monitoring when starting a deploy from an Azure DevOps Pipeline. Otherwise BizTalk360 will restart applications when stopped by the pipeline. BizTalk360, a nice tool needed to monitor your BizTalk environment.

Nico Van Kleef


Columbia cus raw

We use BizTalk360 because as it improves the availability of business services and reduces the number of impacts on incidents with all our customers. The monitoring and alerts system are quite useful.

Prasanna Narayanan

Team Lead


At one moment, we were having a lot of throttling issues in BizTalk, and we did not have an adequate monitoring tool. We clearly lacked a monitoring tool tailor made for BizTalk. Having discovered BizTalk360 during the Integrate events in London, we decided to acquire this tool back in 2015. Since then, administration and monitoring have been greatly facilitated and we have implemented plenty of alarms, alerting us of problematic events happening in our BizTalk environment.

Shah Mohamod

Software Architect


TomTom uses BizTalk360 since 2016. At that time, we were looking for some way to monitor messages that were expected but not received. BizTalk360 had an excellent solution for this with the Data Monitoring feature. Currently we are using BizTalk to monitor for a large number of events. We integrated BizTalk360 with PagerDuty to enable our engineers to respond 24/7 for any failures in the system.

Rob Mulder

Manager – IT


The BizTalk360 monitoring feature gives us immediate insight into the health of our BizTalk environment. It allows us to be informed of any issues that arise and aids us in resolving them, ensuring minimal impact on our system.

Fergus MacNamara

Managed Service Consultant (MSP Oracle Dev)


The best thing about BizTalk360 is the Monitoring capability spanning Business errors and Application availability error alerts. Also, the timely notification of error situations requiring timely intervention to ensure smooth business functions is highly beneficial.

Divya Khanna

Technical Delivery Manager


BizTalk360 is an all-in-one product that brings together different features that are originally found in multiple applications. This makes it easier to monitor all components of BizTalk. It is also safer since there is no longer a need to connect to the servers.

Alain Mosbacher

Responsable Opérations IT Projets


Flexibility to use and monitor BizTalk ports, application/message flow. In earlier phase I wasn’t able to monitor BizTalk services like this. From UI it is suitable also for non-technical person and there is no need to allow access BizTalk server itself.

Toni Tammelin

IT- Manager, IT Service Management


BizTalk360 helped Loomis with the ability to provide limited visibility to non-technical customers while giving the development team the tools they needed to prevent them from directly accessing BizTalk servers and to ensure a stable environment to handle our critical integration processes with our customers. We found it helpful in administrating and monitoring our BizTalk environments and there are no other products that come close to the capabilities provided by BizTalk360.

Robert Vargas

IT Director – Customer Integrations


BizTalk360 is a great product! It helped our BizTalk Tier 1 support team to monitor the BizTalk environment without getting into the BizTalk Servers. We find BizTalk360 is the most adept at providing timely notification/alerts of errors.

Rajnish Sinha

Information Technology Services


BizTalk360 leaves us tension free, saved a lot of our time and effort in monitoring and health checkups. I would say auto correct, health monitoring alerts are amazing and gave us the proper descriptions to solve the issues/making sure integrations are up and running all the time.

Christopher Paul

BizTalk Developer


Using BizTalk360’s health check alerts for the production system, you can detect issues and report them immediately. BizTalk360’s latest EDI parties and agreement feature is quite useful. Also, for business customers, the custom widget dashboard that looks up daily files received by the date and provides processing status, as well as the ability to cancel or back out files that have not yet been delivered, is very useful.

Srikanth Aakidi

Software Engineer, IT


We have been using BizTalk360 since 2018, and the application has become smoother & ease to use, the notification feature is a deal winner to me, as it gives me a quick notification via email when an issue(s) occurs, which helps me to act upon it within 10 minutes. I am very satisfied with BizTalk360 in how I use it currently, and I am looking forward to learn more.

Stephen Howard

Senior Technical Service Analyst


Our BizTalk releases and LoB application downtimes are completely automated using schedule maintenance and Artifact Auto Correct integration with our CD/CI pipeline, which gives ease of use and an out-of-the-box experience.

Frank Halder

Senior IT Application Analyst


BizTalk360’s proactive monitoring and alerting functionality have enabled Portsmouth Hospital’s complex BizTalk environment to get quick alerts based on suspended host instances, ad hoc SQL query results, and more.

Chris Pursey

IT Principal Development Consultant


BizTalk360 empowers us with automated administrative tasks, streamlining processes like enabling and disabling ports. This feature not only enhances efficiency but also significantly saves time and effort. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in boosting our overall security posture.

Ken Roark

Lead Systems Engineer, IT Corporate Applications and PS


BizTalk360 provides us with a clear and concise overview of the status of our BizTalk service instances. We can quickly identify any services that have stopped and take corrective action before they impact on our business. The ability to receive emails/notifications for stopped services is particularly valuable, as it allows us to proactively address issues and ensure that our BizTalk environment is running smoothly 24/7.

Dean Cooper

Broadcast Applications support lead


With BizTalk360’s comprehensive monitoring, alerting, and auto-restart capabilities, we have been able to eliminate the need for constant manual check of our BizTalk environment, empowering us to focus on achieving high availability with unwavering confidence. The ability to proactively identify and address potential issues has been instrumental in maintaining the seamless delivery of our services.

Brian Foley

Senior Applications Analyst


BizTalk360 has been a lifesaver for us in terms of monitoring our integrations and ensuring that our orders are processed as quickly as possible. The real-time alerts that we receive for suspended orders and location status updates have been invaluable in helping us to identify and resolve issues before they impact our customers. We also appreciate the fact that we can manage all our BizTalk server configurations from within the BizTalk360.

Sowmya Kuna

Support lead


BizTalk360 monitors all our integrations, which has greatly improved our efficiency. We also appreciate the ability to resume and terminate suspended messages without having to log on to a server. The autocorrection feature has also been very helpful in preventing errors and keeping our integrations running smoothly.

Johan Olsson

Manager Nordic SOA


So we know for a fact that automatic error handling is working very nicely and it’s gonna come in really useful because we will expand it to cover more integrations now that we know that it that it works as expected. We are very satisfied with the product.

Tihomir Jovanovic

Technical Support Lead


I think the biggest thing for us is it’s getting us greater visibility into any issues that we’re having. The 2016 version of BizTalk. It’s not the most stable.

James Hemmerle

Senior software engineer


We use BizTalk360 to monitor BT health and to grant controlled BizTalk server accesses for our developers. BizTalk360 allow us to grant desired permissions for particular artefacts or certain tasks.

Petr Hriba

Senior IT Systems Technician


We are mainly using the ESB exception data a lot, easy to use and to find answers. Another thing we really like is that we get warnings when something is wrong, and it is very easy to find. Also, other options in ESB and the knowledge base feature is very helpful for us.

Stig Henriksen

Integration Architect


BizTalk360 has been a very stable and capable integration platform for us. It met all our needs and has helped us to improve our efficiency and accuracy, reducing our reliance on external support, giving us full control of our own integrations.

Antti Nieminen

ICT Service Manager


The best feature about BizTalk360 is that’s that this is one of the few tools in the markets that allow you to have a better control and governance over our BizTalk as basic console and the functionality provided by Microsoft by default are not near enough to what the current enterprises companies required from security and from governance perspective.

Adam Stoklosa

Technical Service Coordinator


As a newcomer to BizTalk, BizTalk360 has truly transformed the way I manage my BizTalk environment. It simplifies daily checks and monitoring tasks, allowing me to track instances and server resources without logging into the BizTalk server. While I can’t compare to before, BizTalk360 eased challenges during migrations and upgrades. Its browser accessibility is a huge plus, making it convenient and timesaving. Even as I continue to learn, BizTalk360 remains an essential tool in my BizTalk journey. It has saved me significant time and effort, allowing me to focus on more critical aspects of my work.

Tokolo Kashupi

Database Engineer


What sets BizTalk360 apart for us is its vigilant monitoring of port statuses and automatic resuming of messages. This feature has saved us valuable time and effort by addressing our issues with receive location disablement and suspended messages. BizTalk360’s proactive approach has significantly enhanced our operations, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and allowing us to focus on delivering results.


Technical Product Owner


BizTalk360 has transformed our BizTalk Server management with its extensive alerts and monitoring features. Not only does it streamline access permissions for other IT teams, but it also significantly reduces support costs through proactive automation. Previously, manual tasks were time-consuming, but with BizTalk360, we have seen a notable improvement in efficiency. I wholeheartedly recommend BizTalk360 for any organization looking to optimize their BizTalk Server operations.

David Cano

IT Administrator


I have been using BizTalk360 to manage our BizTalk environment, and I must say it’s been a game-changer. With a few clicks, I can – quickly review and act on suspended messages, saving valuable time. BizTalk360 has streamlined our monitoring process, enabling my team to efficiently oversee our BizTalk environment without the need for manual intervention. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a hassle-free monitoring solution.

Jan Kronstedt

IT System Manager

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