We always include BizTalk360 in our standard offering to our customers whenever monitoring is involved

Bart Scheurweghs ,Senior Integration Architect


Key Challenges

  • Lack of Visibility
  • Reactive Maintenance

About Integration.team

Integration.team is an Integration Services vendor that makes use of Microsoft Integration and cloud technologies to enable organizations to deliver open and sustainable solutions and reduce time to market. This enables organizations to gain insight, create 24×7 services and connect various devices across silo’s on-premise and in the cloud. Headquartered in Belgium, the team at Integration.team has over 15+ years of experience in systems like EDI, AS400, mainframe, SAP, DB2 and about 20 experienced Microsoft certified consultants helping out their customers to manage their BizTalk server environments.

Why Integration.team suggest BizTalk360 to their customers?

Integration.team works closely with organizations in offering consultancy services for their BizTalk server environment. In many cases, the BizTalk experts noticed that their customers had no monitoring solutions in place to keep a watch on their environment or they were using System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor their BizTalk server. The BizTalk consultants had a tough time configuring SCOM according to the customer needs, and it was not an easy job. In addition to monitoring, Integration.team also observed the problem of lack of visibility by customers into their BizTalk server environments. BizTalk server was mainly looked upon as a black box without much information available out of the box.

Integration.team has been a long time partner of BizTalk360 and have been using BizTalk360 quite extensively at their customer environments. Integration.team also evaluated other products during the early stages (before joining hands with BizTalk360 as a partner) and eventually preferred BizTalk360 as the go-to-tool for BizTalk Server monitoring purposes. In most cases, the BizTalk consultants at Integration.team propose BizTalk360 to their customers and suggest the value addition BizTalk360 offers when it comes to managing and monitoring the BizTalk server environment.

We always include BizTalk360 in our standard offering to our customers whenever monitoring is involved. With BizTalk360, we no longer have to do a daily check of what’s happening on our customer environment. We configure Auto Healing and the BAM Portal in BizTalk360; and if everything is configured properly, BizTalk360 takes care of the environment and provides real time information about the BAM activities and views to the business users in the company.

-Bart Scheurweghs, Senior Integration Architect

Features Interested

To help customers to get better visibility into their BizTalk environment, Integration.team make use of the Operations Dashboard capability of BizTalk360 for the technical part and implement BAM Flows for the functional part. Since the BAM Portal capabilities in BizTalk Server is pretty much the same as it was in BizTalk Server Edition 2004, Integration.team make use of the Advanced BAM Portal capability in BizTalk360. This helps the business users to get an end-to-end view of the BAM Views and Activities within the BizTalk360 portal. As Bart Scheurweghs says, “BAM Portal (in BizTalk360) gives users the Business View of the Integration layer“.

Prior to using BizTalk360, most customers were on a reactive maintenance mode — only when a problem occurs in the environment, the Integration.team would be notified about the problem and later fix it. With BizTalk360, it became very simple for Integration.team to configure BizTalk360 at their customer environments and let BizTalk360 take care of their environment. One of the most favourite and most used feature by Integration.team is the Auto Healing capability in BizTalk360. This has completely changed the perspective of monitoring at the customer environment — reactive to proactive monitoring. By setting up the auto healing capability, Integration.team has significantly reduced the number of support calls from their customers (since BizTalk360 pretty much takes care of the environment based on the configured settings). Bart Scheurweghs says “Auto Healing capability in BizTalk360 is definitely a game changer when it comes to BizTalk Server monitoring“.

Since Integration.team work with different customers, the Export/Import capability in BizTalk360 really saves a lot of time. By configuring alarms in one customer environment, they can simply export them alarm configuration and import them into another customer environment without having to manually create the alarms once again. BizTalk360 will take care of the mapping of the alarms with the environment (and artifacts).

Summary of Experience

This is what Bart Scheurweghs had to say about his experiences with BizTalk360 –

We evaluated different products to help our customers overcome the challenges with BizTalk Server. When it comes to monitoring BizTalk Server, BizTalk360 is the best tool. Period! With BizTalk360 in place, the BizTalk Server is no longer a black box for customers. Business Users can get increased visibility on what’s happening in their environment.

-Bart Scheurweghs, Senior Integration Architect

… BizTalk360 is the best tool when it comes to monitoring for BizTalk Server Environment. Period!

Organisation: Integration.team, Belgium

Industry: Integration Services


  • BAM Portal
  • Auto Healing
  • Operations Dashboard
We ask the following standard set of questions to every customer for general feedback. The answers are from the customers as such without editing
On a rating scale, how much value is added to your day to day activities by BizTalk360?

“We simply configure BizTalk360 on our customer environment and let it do the rest!”

What is your opinion on our Support assistance?

“Our support tickets have been addressed with great professionalism and the team at BizTalk360 have been really helpful and accommodative to our suggestions.”

On a rating scale, how would you consider the overall product usage experience?

“The product is simple and easy to use. There are some real cool features like Auto Healing, Advanced BAM Portal which help customers by giving proper visibility into their BizTalk Server environment.”

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