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mercedes benz
mercedes benz

One Platform for turning data into insights


BizTalk360 helps you to operate and administer your BizTalk environments in a secure, efficient, cost-effective and the most productive way.

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Our administrators like the ability it gives them to perform their tasks (such as resuming suspended messages) without having to use the BizTalk console or logging into the servers.

David Byrne

New York, Inc

BizTalk Operations BizTalk Operations


Be the first one to know when your BizTalk Environment is suffering with problems and downtimes.

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BizTalk360 monitoring functionality to be lightweight in setup and maintenance, easy to avoid overly sensitive alerts, and most importantly actionable at the right time.

Fréderic Cordier

Beaulieu ICT NV


Do not treat your BizTalk environment as a black box. Get insights into what is happening.

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The best part for me personally is the ability to show message flows graphically, to understand which ports and orchestration are included in a particular interface, even beyond the borders of a single BizTalk Application.

Andreas Denger

Manor AG

BizTalk360 Analytics

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Everything you need for BizTalk Server Operations, Monitoring and Analytics.

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Governance Audit
Notification channel

Trusted by more than 650+ businesses in 30+ countries.

The ABB Group is running BizTalk for different applications all over the world. ABB exchanges more than a 1,000,000 document per day. We have BizTalk360 installed in all the environments, and we track the different process, have multiple active alarms and use the various dashboard on a regular basis. BizTalk360 is a perfect tool for us.

Nicolas Blatter

Senior Consultant – HP

At Columbia Sportswear, BizTalk360 is used in our production and non-production environments. In our non-production environment, we have granted business analysts access to the BizTalk Applications through BizTalk360. It makes their testing cycle more efficient. In production, we are making good use of the monitoring. BizTalk360 monitors the health of the servers, application and SQL, as well as the health of the interfaces.

Nicolas Fische

Azure Developer Team Lead – Columbia

Every day, we spend a lot of time using BizTalk360. It is very easy to install, and configure; so we did not spend time trying to configure SCOM for our environment.With BizTalk360, it has become really easy for the team to react to issues in the BizTalk environment. When we receive an alert, we know where exactly the problem is and it’s just a few minutes before things become normal again.

Antoine Fromentin

BizTalk Development Manager – Transat AT

Anyone in the Financial Industry will understand the importance of SWIFT; the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services. BizTalk360 provides monitoring and reporting on all your transactions.

Peter Blomqvist

Integration Manager – Volvofinans Bank AB

university of lincoln

Having seen numerous demonstrations of the product prior to implementation and had direct contact with the BizTalk Specialist at BizTalk360, we were very confident that it was the right product for our needs. I’m sure that we are only just scratching the surface of what the product can do but we will continue to grow our implementation when the need arises. I can’t commend BizTalk360 enough for such a useful product – definitely something every BizTalk environment should be running!

Steven Audis

System Architect – University of Lincoln


The web portal of BizTalk360 allows secure access to everything we need from our BizTalk environments. The monitoring and alerts system exactly meet our needs. If you need to quickly and easily set up a system to monitor your BizTalk Environment, you should try it and judge for yourself.

Oyash Sahu

Melbourne Water

There are many things about BT360 I love. Off the bat the UI is seamless and modern. The monitoring capabilities are so finely tuned there is absolutely no reason to explore other avenues. Offering the ability for custom notification channels brings monitoring and alerting to a whole new level.

Adam Smeal

Integration Professional – Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Simplifying day to day operations for Microsoft BizTalk Server customers

  • BizTalk360 contains the most important consoles under one hood. Safe and less time-consuming than logging in to all those different consoles
  • No need to be a BizTalk expert. BizTalk360 shows you all the relevant components for proper BizTalk Server administration
  • Provide safe and audited access to all the stakeholders, from technical IT employees to business users
  • No more remote desktop sessions. With BizTalk360, you can safely access the most important consoles


of incident tickets on a monthly basis


reduction of Support tickets and corresponding costs

Order processing

Are you facing one of the following challenges?
Why not give BizTalk360 a try!

Time-consuming troubleshooting

Time-consuming troubleshooting

The BizTalk Admin console insufficiently helps the BizTalk Administrator team in troubleshooting any issues.

No auditing

No auditing

It sometimes happens that messages are deleted or components are stopped without a trace of who performed the action.

Lack of monitoring

Lack of monitoring

The BizTalk Administrators frequently get phone calls about issues in the environment before they are aware of it.

Limited security options

Unexpected service interruption

Improve service availability with the automated recovery features for BizTalk ports and other state-bound components.

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