With BizTalk360, it has become really easy for the team to react to issues in the BizTalk environment

Antoine Fromentin, BizTalk Development Manager
Transat A.T.

BizTalk case studies

Key Challenges

  • Complex environment setup – difficulty to manage and monitor the environments
  • Difficulty to manage shared environment access between teams

About Transat A.T.

Transat A.T. is the leader in Canada’s holiday travel industry and one of the largest integrated tourism companies in the world. Headquartered in Montreal, the company has over 5000 employees and 13 business units. All these business units operate in the travel and air transportation industries in Canada, France, UK, Netherlands, Greece, United States, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Transat offers its customers an extensive selection of destinations and holiday packages on all continents.

Executive Summary

With a complex BizTalk server environment, the team at Transat A.T. found it complex to manage their BizTalk server environments. Users had to be given access (administrative) when they wanted to look out for specific information from other environments, which was becoming a risk for the company. They came to know about BizTalk360 and its business value that gave them the confidence that their environments would be in safe hands with BizTalk360’s operation and monitoring capabilities.

Why BizTalk360?

Transat has a very complex BizTalk server environment and they were finding it difficult to manage and monitor the BizTalk environments on a regular basis. They have a complex environment setup consisting of Non-Production (Development, Testing, and Integration), QA, Pre-Production, and Production environments. With the standard BizTalk administration console, it was not easy to manage the environments as the environments were used by different teams. For instance, when one team wanted information from the other environment, they had to be provided with access to the other environment to get the relevant information. This was a serious problem for the BizTalk team at Transat.

… Every day, we spend a lot of time using BizTalk360. It is very easy to set up, install, and configure; so we did not spend time trying to configure SCOM for our environment.

-Antoine Fromentin, BizTalk Development Manager
Transat A.T.

The team at Transat got to know about BizTalk360 from Matricis (one of BizTalk360’s partners). They downloaded and installed the trial version of BizTalk360 (initially) in an effort to validate if the product would help them to overcome the challenges involved in managing their BizTalk server environments. The team felt that the product offered some features that were not present in the BizTalk administration console and it was relatively easy to configure BizTalk360 according to their requirements. This was convincing enough for the team at Transat to purchase BizTalk360 for their day-to-day activities.

How BizTalk360 has helped to overcome the challenges?

The web portal in BizTalk360 has really helped the team at Transat to easily control the different environments – development, QA, and pre-production from within the UI. It is very easy to choose the environments from the UI. In addition, this allows the team to easily separate the production environment from the rest of the environments. Since there are multiple environments, it becomes critical that users only have access to the specific environment. With BizTalk360, the administrators can restrict access to environments. Also, the tool acts as a good overview of the system for people who are not very sound in BizTalk technologies.

Features Interested

The team at Transat use the Alerts mechanism of BizTalk360 to a great extent. This functionality allows them to set up alerts and receive notifications when something is not right in the environment. In addition to alerts, the team extensively use the centralized User Access Policy to allow authorized users to access the environments. The other key feature of interest is the Advanced Event Viewer as it allows the team to visualize all the BizTalk related events in a single place rather than having to switch between multiple systems to view the events. If the team wants to look for a specific event, the Query filter functionality helps them to narrow down their search on a particular event type.

With BizTalk360, it has become really easy for the team to react to issues in the BizTalk environment. When we receive an alert, we know where exactly the problem is and it’s just a few minutes before things become normal again.

-Antoine Fromentin, BizTalk Development Manager
Transat A.T.

With BizTalk360, it has become really easy for the team to react to issues in the BizTalk environment.

Organisation: Transat A.T, Canada

Industry: Holiday Travel Company


  • Alerts
  • Centralized User Access Policy
  • Advanced Event Viewer

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