“World’s leading beverage logistics provider selects BizTalk360 for their day-to-day operations and monitoring of BizTalk environments”

Gilbert Verboom
Integration Specialist, JF Hillebrand

JF Hillebrand Beverage Logistics Company

About JF Hillebrand

JF Hillebrand is a beverage logistics company that started operations way back in 1844. With over 2000 employees and operations in 84 countries around the world, the company is well known in the industry space to the extent that when it comes to transporting beverages, companies around the world have come to rely on the services of JF Hillebrand. JF Hillebrand is the world’s leading specialist logistics provider to the wine and spirit trade, with a global network of offices in every major wine and spirit market.

Executive Summary

JF Hillebrand, the world’s leading beverage logistics provider wanted to have a better tool to effectively and efficiently monitor their BizTalk server environments. With the traditional BizTalk administration console, the team at JF Hillebrand were finding it too time consuming to perform the operations on the BizTalk server environment. They also wanted to deploy a monitoring solution to monitor the health of their environment. After careful evaluation of tools in the market, the team at JF Hillebrand narrowed on BizTalk360 for their operational and monitoring needs as the tool met both their requirements.

Why BizTalk360?

JF Hillebrand have 6 BizTalk servers and about 100 active applications running in their environment. The BizTalk administrators at JF Hillebrand were finding it difficult to manage the user access to the environment as they were forced to provide administrator access privileges to all users whenever they wanted to access the BizTalk server environment to look for information. By providing unrestricted access, it was getting difficult for the administrators to manage the user activities in the environment. There was no information as to “what action was performed by whom” in the traditional BizTalk Administration Console. The BizTalk team also wanted to set up a monitoring solution that could reduce the amount of manual interventions from the administrators.

They turned towards BizTalk360 since the tool had the capability to solve their user authentication/authorization problems and offer the governance/auditing capability through which administrators were aware of what’s happening in the environment. In addition, the tool also offered them the monitoring capabilities through which administrators could set up alarms (with threshold conditions) and get notified when the threshold situation was violated. This reduced the manual effort of administrators and BizTalk team at JF Hillebrand which in-turn improved their productivity and efficiency on a day-to-day basis.

Features Interested

The administration team at JF Hillebrand use the User Access Policy and Governance/Auditing features to quite some extent. Every user has defined user roles with access restrictions to specific areas in the application. In addition, the team uses the Monitoring Dashboard to view the status of the configured artifacts and the Message Box (Queries) feature with filter options to view the status of service instances.

Summary of Experience

The overall setup is good and it is a very well thought through product. The user interface is very simple and easy to access. We, at JF Hillebrand, have a very good experience while installing and upgrading the product after every release. The technical support team at BizTalk360 does a commendable job in responding to queries and are very accommodative to new feature requests.

“I can tell that it’s been a easy job to install and roll-out BizTalk360 to IT staff around the world and they are very happy using it.”

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