Certificate Monitoring

The user can configure the certificate stores they want to monitor the certificates in BizTalk and IIS Servers. It covers the EDI Partner,AS2 certificates in BizTalk Server and SSL certificates in IIS Servers.

Standard Logic Apps Monitoring

Monitor the Standard Logic Apps state and threshold violations of various metrics like Bytes Received, Bytes Sent, Function Execution Count, Http Response, Memory Working Set, Workflow Run metrics.


Opsgenie Notification Channel

BizTalk360 supports the Opsgenie channel to create incident of Alarm and Automated Tasks notifications.

BizTalk Best Practice Analyzer Integration

Generate the BizTalk Best Practice Analyzer report in the BizTalk360 with schedule and instant scan. The users can skip the items which are not relevant and grouped in hidden items.


Application Dashboard

Application dashboard provides holistic view of application artifact details, host instances status, message transactions, Tracking activities, service instances status of the application etc.,

BizTalk360 Advisor Score

Advisor score card is determined with the feature usage against license and BizTalk360 health. It provides the actionable items and recommendations to improve the usage and health.


Refreshed Environment Overview

Refreshed environment dashboard provides the easy management of BizTalk environment
with the Advisory score.

Check the latest enhancements

BizTalk360 enchancements
BAM View Time Zone

Brought the source Time Zone configuration at the view column level which helps to convert the user preferred Time zone and format in the BAM.

BizTalk360 enchancements
Database Maintenance

Schedule option is extended to daily and monthly option. Database index configuration is made flexible to include page count for re-organize action.

BizTalk360 enchancements
UI/UX Improvements

The landing screen, email and notification channel UI, Grid column appearance and loading content user experience are improved.

BizTalk360 enchancements
Auto Correct Notification

Prevented the Auto Correct Notification based on the artifact status with an option in the alarm.

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