Stop receiving alerts when taking environment for maintenance

Don’t be overwhelmed with messages when your environment is under maintenance. 

650+ enterprises are managing thier BizTalk servers across the globe

Schedule your maintenance alerts

To stop false alerts being triggered from BizTalk360 during maintenance or deployments, with the Schedule maintenance capability, you can set up (multiple) maintenance windows.

Business Holiday Calendar

To avoid receiving notifications during weekends and holidays, you can add such dates to the Holiday calendar in BizTalk360. This helps in maintaining an efficient configuration.

Maintenance options

Planned maintenance

During planned maintenance, you can start or stop different components. During those times, you can prevent BizTalk360 from sending false notifications.

Unplanned maintenance

BizTalk might be down due to unannounced maintenance. Still, BizTalk360 will monitor the availability of all the components. To prevent this from happening you can set up Immediate maintenance windows.

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