Receive notifications when and where you need them

Using our custom-developed SDK, you may build your own notification channel in a several ways. With BizTalk360 you can receive your monitoring notifications via channels like email, Microsoft Teams, Servicenow, Slack, etc.

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Alarm creation and receiving notification channels

To monitor unforeseen situations, alarms must be created that periodically check the status of the components and to send an notifications to the defined notification channels.

The Notification Channel SDK

It is really simple to send notifications to REST APIs or executing a PowerShell script via the in-built notification channels. By using our SDK, you can even to integrate any other systems with BizTalk360.

Out-of-the-box Notification channels

To receive notifications where you need them the most, BizTalk360 comes with several built-in notification channels. This way, you receive notifications in MS Teams channels, Slack channels, Servicenow tickets, etc.

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