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Quick Alarm – Quickly setup threshold monitoring

A one-step approach for mapping BizTalk artefacts in a fast and effective way for monitoring.

Graphical Representation

Visualize the status of the monitored components in an alarm with this interactive graphical view.

Unmapped Artifacts

After deployment of BizTalk applications, often new artifacts are added to or removed from your BizTalk environment. In such cases, the unmapped artefacts option helps to recognize artefacts that are not yet monitored.

BizTalk Group Dashboard

Alarms are packages that include all the monitoring rules for a specific alarm. After you have created an alarm, you must map it to the components you want to monitor. (e.g.: BizTalk applications, Host Instances, endpoints, etc.)

The BizTalk group dashboard displays a consolidated overview of all your monitored BizTalk group artefacts from multiple alarms.

Small things that make a difference

Dark & Light mode

To improve visual friendliness, different modes are provided.


Apply different filters to focus on what’s most important. 

Errors & Warnings

This option helps to identify the root cause of a problem in a single panel.

Download as PDF

This option allows users to save the whole graph content as a PDF and share with other stakeholders.

Viewing modes

Keep the overview when you are monitoring tens of BizTalk applications.

Artifacts window

Quickly access the artefacts that have been mapped for an alarm.

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