Monitor business transaction processing

Data Monitoring helps you to keep track of how business transactions in your BizTalk Group are progressing.

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Monitoring the message transaction

Businesses want their integrations to function properly, therefore you want to monitor if expected business transactions are processed, suspended transactions are automatically resumed,etc. This capability facilitates tracking such activities over time.

Monitoring the Service instances

The state of running instances in the system might change at any time, thereby affecting business operations. BizTalk administrators must frequently discover messages that have been suspended and should be resumed or terminated. MessageBox Data Monitoring can be used to automate routine operations like these.

Monitor the Tracking database

This allows admins to view, analyse, and troubleshoot any issues by running automated queries on the tracking database at pre-set intervals.

Monitor your ESB, EDI and BAM data

ESB Data Monitor

Admins use this feature to automate the process of checking for a certain fault in a specific application with various parameters (Fault code, category etc.,)

EDI Data Monitor

Admins must keep a careful watch on the status of interchange acknowledgments, batch statuses and other EDI transaction-related data across the system. This feature will be used to automate these tasks.

BizTalk Server Administration

BAM Data Monitor

Helps business users in getting insight into their processes by automating activity searches with pre-set time intervals.

BizTalk Server Administration

Logic Apps

Out-of-box Monitoring feature to keep track of Azure Logic Apps using different parameters (Name, Access endpoint, Success/Failure run count, and so on.)

Manage multiple environments

Event Logs

This functionality allows to automatically keep track of critical occurrences of running applications and subsystems in the event logs.

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