BizTalk360 is an easy-to-use monitoring application that helps to detect real-time errors and react immediately

Erik Weibel, Head of IT Applications
Mammut Sports Group AG

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Key Challenges

  • Need for a monitoring solution
  • Direct administrative access to BizTalk Admin Console
  • No clear overview of the system

About Mammut

Mammut is a Swiss producer of mountaineering and outdoor equipment. Founded in 1862, Mammut is the world leader in manufacturing climbing ropes. Mammut has over 700 employees and subsidiaries in Germany, Norway, Japan, Korea, China and USA. With a total revenue of over CHF 233.4 million, around 65% of the sales come from the clothing segment in addition to the manufacturing of ropes.

Executive Summary

The team at Mammut did not have any monitoring solution in place to monitor their BizTalk Server environment. They were using BizTalk Server Administration Console and users had to manually keep an eye on the health of the integration solution. When the IT management decided to opt for a monitoring solution, their approach was to have a clean monitoring solution to properly integrate and connect their business landscape successfully.

Why BizTalk360?

The team at Mammut has one Production and one testing server. The production server has 12 BizTalk applications, whereas the testing server has a few applications in the development/testing status. There was no monitoring tool in place and the team had to rely on the BizTalk Administration Console for their daily operations. In addition, it was getting very difficult for them to get a high level overview of the status of the BizTalk Server environment and applications. Therefore, the IT management at Mammut decided to implement a dedicated monitoring solution to help the team monitor the environment effectively.

The team at Mammut came to know about from Nicolas Blatter, Senior Technology Consultant at Hewlett Packard Enterprise who had successfully implemented and used BizTalk360 at ABB. When they saw the demonstration of the product, the team realized that features like alarms and monitoring dashboard are something they exactly required to ease the efforts of the team working on the integration solution. This triggered the purchase decision, and within no time the team at Mammut had begun using BizTalk360.

With BizTalk360, we have the possibility to monitor the processes. Faults and failures are easily addressed by the help of alerts triggered from BizTalk360. The data and errors can be viewed directly in the application. BizTalk360 allows us a simple maintenance handling. In the case of maintenance, individual interfaces can be deactivated simply and quickly if required.

-Erik Weibel, Head of IT Applications
Mammut Sports Group AG

With BizTalk360 in place and the rich user interface on offer, it became easy for everyone in the team to work on the integration solution. The team can easily detect real-time errors on the Monitoring Dashboard and react immediately. This helps the team to realize cost savings. BizTalk360 has the capability to handle specific types of errors and automatically rectify the errors without having to reset the data record and transfer it all over again. Setting up alarms (and threshold violation alerts) helps the team to get notified when a problem actually happens in the environment before the customers or someone in the rest of the business notices the problem.

Features of Interest

In addition to alarms and monitoring, with 12 BizTalk applications in the production environment, the team at Mammut use the Applications feature where they can manage the individual application artifacts like Send Ports, Receive Locations, Orchestrations, Pipelines, Schemas, Maps, and Business Rules. The team also perform operations (such as Start, Stop) from the BizTalk360 screen. This almost eliminates the need for the team to log in to the BizTalk Administration Console to manage these artifacts.

Summary of Experience

We asked Erik Weibel, Head of IT Applications, Mammut Sports Group AG a few questions. This is what he had to say about their experience with BizTalk360:

BizTalk360 is a comprehensive and easy-to-use monitoring application that adapts perfectly to customer requirements. BizTalk360 helps us to detect real-time errors and react immediately. The concept of alarms and monitoring dashboard allow the teams to find appropriate problems in a timely manner before the problem escalates into a major one.

-Erik Weibel, Head of IT Applications
Mammut Sports Group AG

……faults and failures in the integration solution are addressed by means of an alert. We can then take actions as appropriate.

Organisation: Swiss producer of mountaineering and trekking equipment

Industry: Snowsports, Hiking, Climbing


  • Data Access
  • Applications
  • Alarms and Monitoring
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How was your pre-sale experience?

“Very Good. We received good advice and consideration of the budget specifications from the sales agent.”

What is the value add of BizTalk360 to your day to day activities?

“Very Good. BizTalk360 helps our team to save many hours of analysis work and error handling.”

How was your purchase experience?

“Very Good. It was a quick process thanks to the BizTalk360 team.”

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