“I find BizTalk360 very helpful because the product is well organized, and I can receive notifications when something happens unexpectedly”

Theo Clement, Functional manager

About DNWG

As a Dutch grid operator, DNWG makes sure that its customers have access to electricity for living, working, and running their businesses. They make the energy system more sustainable and ensure that it remains robust and affordable. There are tens of thousands of kilometers of cable and pipeline serviced by DNWG, which is part of the Stedin Group. DNWG has 650 employees and operates throughout the country. DNWG shared their experiences both before and after they started using BizTalk360.

Top 3 challenges faced 

  • No monitoring of suspended messages
  • No dashboards to show if everything is ok and running correctly
  • No monitoring on hardware, for example: Memory, Processor usage and Disk usage.

Before BizTalk360

DNWG did not use an alternative to BizTalk360 before and faced issues as mentioned earlier. To highlight the complexity of the BizTalk environment, DNWG has 2 acceptance application servers with 1 SQL server and 2 production application servers with 2 SQL servers (active/passive configuration). There are the top 3 reasons why DNWG chose BizTalk360.

  • The product was recommended by our service partner
  • The nice layout of the product and the notification receive when something goes wrong
  • Easy to use with a good user interface

There are several other reasons as well, but still, the above-mentioned are the top reasons that made DNWG choose BizTalk360 for their BizTalk Server environment.

After BizTalk360

The initial setup of BizTalk360 was easy and pretty straightforward. The configuration of monitoring and alerts was also easy to do. We were able to overcome the challenges that we were facing earlier:

  • The configured alerts and monitoring dashboards allow DNWG to take immediate action when something is wrong instead of waiting until the next working day.
  • The support team at BizTalk360 provides quick responses and smart solutions whenever users need more information about the product.

The feature that is often used/liked the most

DNWG uses BizTalk360 for day-to-day activities like,

  • Every time something happens in our environment, BizTalk360 triggers an alert.
  • Process monitoring – This feature helps to identify if particular batches of messages have been processed or not.

These features remain our favourites.

Results / Impact with BizTalk360 

BizTalk360 helped DNWG to achieve business goals because they receive notifications when something in the BizTalk environment goes wrong. Thus, this helps directly start solving the issues or prevent worse issues from happening. This way, the business is pleased about how DNWG’s team can handle incidents before anything worse happens in our business goals.

Constant support BizTalk360 offered us

The following items are extremely good in BizTalk360, and DNWG shares their experience right from requirement gathering till date:

  • Quality of the product
  • Value added to our day-to-day activities
  • Pre-sale and purchase experience
  • Installation or first-use experience
  • Product usage experience
  • Support assistance 

… BizTalk360 saves the day with its superior alerting capabilities.

Organisation: DNWG

Industry: Energy, Renewable energy


  • BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) Queries
  • Monitoring
  • Administration
  • Analytics 

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