“With the easy-to-use monitoring and alerting functionality of BizTalk360 proactivity has become a reality for BizTalk administrators”

Theo Clement
Functioneel Beheerder at DNWG

DNWG, Netherlands

About DNWG

DNWG (De NetWerkGroep) is a holding containing two companies. Enduris and DNWG Infra. Enduris is the regional network operator responsible for all the electricity and gas transportation in Zeeland (province in the Netherlands). DNWG Infra is a contractor responsible for maintenance, construction and installation of gas, electricity, water and communication networks in the Netherlands. DNWG has in total over 800 employees and operates in all of the Netherlands.

Executive Summary

Business units besides the IT department of DNWG needed insight in AS2 transactions. In the Administration Console in BizTalk is too comprehensive for business units. Besides the access for business units to some specific messaging transactions DNWG also wanted a stand-alone monitoring solution instead of built-in monitoring in BizTalk. Suggested by AtoS Origin the trial version of BizTalk360 was installed en since six years never been uninstalled.

Why BizTalk360?

DNWG has 2 BizTalk servers and about 50 applications running in their environment. BizTalk360 was chosen for its simplicity in configuring monitoring. Before BizTalk360 the BizTalk administrators had some difficulties in following up suspended instances and informing business units. All the BizTalk administration was depending on one person within the DNWG organization. No actions could be performed by Servicedesk employees. In the last eight years, the BizTalk environment has grown from 2 applications to 50 applications. Too much for one administrator to handle.

BizTalk360 has made the BizTalk Administrators proactive instead of reactive because of the comprehensive monitoring features. Besides the monitoring features BizTalk360 provides limited access to IT staff with less knowledge than BizTalk Administrators. Simple tasks such as resume instances or disable receive locations in case of maintenance on other servers or applications can be delegated to Servicedesk employees. Since all actions performed in BizTalk360 are recorded in the audit log BizTalk360 is a great tool for different roles within a IT organization.

BizTalk360 reduced our support issues /calls –

Because of the easily set-up for monitoring thresholds the alerting of BizTalk360 has led to a proactive behavior of the BizTalk Administrators. Therefore incidents and support calls made by business units are prevented and overall reduced to a minimum. The issues are discovered in an early stage before a business unit even noticed something is wrong.

“Since all actions performed in BizTalk360 are recorded in the audit log BizTalk360 is a great tool for different roles within a IT organization.”

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