Compare and analyse performance metrics in one single place

For analysis of issues or trend discovery, you can select performance metrics, show them in a graph, and compare them between different time frames.

650+ enterprises are managing thier BizTalk servers across the globe

Server performance metrics

Compare and analyze the server performance (CPU and Memory) of your BizTalk and SQL servers in the environment.

Messaging performance metrics

Better understand processed message volume in BizTalk. Over different timeframes you can visualize message volume by schema or port.

BizTalk Host performance metrics

Insights in the performance of your BizTalk hosts can help in properly scaling your BizTalk platform. Compare the performance of your BizTalk servers to analyse which ones consume more memory and CPU.

BizTalk Tracking data

Visualize message counts and transmission failure rates per port and per schema, average execution times, and more in rich and automatically refreshing widgets.

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