Real-time insights in BizTalk throttling

Quickly understand why BizTalk is throttling and analyse how to prevent it. View throttling conditions until a week ago!

650+ enterprises are managing thier BizTalk servers across the globe

Consolidated overview of throttling in all your BizTalk servers

Understand throttling conditions, in one view, of the hosts in all your BizTalk servers. No more opening of the Performance Monitor in multiple servers!

In-built Knowledge base

The in-built Knowledge Base articles help you better understand the meaning of all those throttling conditions. Because, even for experienced administrators, BizTalk Throttling is a complicated subject.

Intuitive and informative graphical information

Throttling trendline

View throttling data trendlines to understand why system resources were throttling at a specific time and display detailed throttling conditions information.

Zoom & Pan Control

The throttling analyser graph supports zoom and pan capabilities, allowing the user to focus on specific data points within the given date and time range.

Color Codes

Colour coding is used to differentiate all host instances in your environment and to highlight throttling data on the graph.

Custom Date/Time Range

The throttling data is graphically shown by throttling type and date/time. You can view and filter throttling data for the past 7 days.

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