Get better insights in your complex messaging flows

Visualize and get key metrics about the message flows that are processed in your BizTalk environment.

650+ enterprises are managing thier BizTalk servers across the globe

Discover unique messaging flows

Identify unique messaging patterns, trace the path of the message, and understand how the artifacts are related to each other.

Insights in processed messaging volume

Get graphical insights on the messages that have flown through the system.

Manage multiple environments

View orchestration execution times

Display the average execution time of orchestration instances in a graphical way.

Secure & audited admin console

Easy access to port configuration

Directly from the message flows, you can access port and orchestration configuration like Bindings and tracking information.

Export your message flows 

Export your messaging flows to PDF and share it with your organization or use it for documentation purposes.

Get ready to be amazed in less than 45 minutes

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