Web-based BizTalk Server administration

Single portal to access all features you require daily.

650+ enterprises are managing thier BizTalk servers across the globe

MessageBox Queries

Fast browser access to MessageBox queries, but we made the feature richer and more secure. It even has an integrated Knowledge Base to help you quickly solve issues!

Tracking Queries

By graphically visualizing how messages have progressed through the environment, we have hugely improved this feature. This makes debugging/analysis much easier!

BizTalk Applications

Be able to quickly find all the details of BizTalk applications, ports, orchestrations, and other artifacts. You can configure who is allowed to change the status of the artifacts.

BizTalk and SQL Servers

No more Remote Desktop connections! Access Event Logs, NT services, and CPU and memory usage of the BizTalk and SQL servers in the environment with BizTalk360.

SQL Server jobs

These SQL Server jobs are important to keep BizTalk Server healthy, but are they running properly? Check their state and job history immediately in BizTalk360.

Manage multiple environments

Landing Page

Manage multiple BizTalk groups in one BizTalk360 instance. The Landing Page shows these environments including important health information.

Separate permissions

Set up different security policies for users per BizTalk group. For example, developers can have read-only access in Production, but elevated access in Test.


BizTalk360 can generate a topology diagram that contains all the BizTalk and SQL servers of the group. Updating Visio diagrams is no longer required.

Export/Import features

No need to repeatedly set up monitoring configuration etc. With this feature you can easily migrate BizTalk360 configuration between BizTalk groups.

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