Rich and informative dashboards

The highly customizable Administration dashboards provide a quick overview of the well-being of your BizTalk environment.

650+ enterprises are managing thier BizTalk servers across the globe

Rich set of out-of-the-box widgets

To set up effective dashboards, there is a rich set of out-of-the-box widgets you can choose from. The below mentioned widgets are only a subset!

Running/suspended service instances

View the running and suspended service instances. The instances can be grouped by application, service name, status, etc.

Status of environment artifacts

With the wink of an eye you will understand the status of your BizTalk ports, orchestrations, host instances, and more.

Overview of EDI transaction sets

For EDI users, we have developed several EDI-related widgets. This helps in keeping the overview of all your EDI transactions.

Understand ESB faults and resubmissions

We have also developed multiple widgets to keep track of ESB faults, message resubmissions, and even itineraries.

Multiple dashboards for different purposes

Use the default dashboard for the daily status and create (and share) other dashboards for purposes like EDI, ESB, and more.

Configure widget size & location

The widgets in the dashboard can be dragged/dropped and resized to view them in such a way that you consider the most practical.

Set widget refresh interval

The status of most widgets is automatically refreshed after 60 seconds. However, per widget, you can configure its refresh interval.

Shortcuts to features

To make navigation throughout the product easier for you, you can add shortcuts (pinpoints) to the features you use the most.

Shortcuts to features

Data views

This feature enables you to, for example, show the output of MessageBox, Tracking and even SQL queries in your dashboards.

Data views

Download and share dashboards as PDF

Your dashboards contain information that can be relevant for other stakeholders too. That is why we made it easy to share them as PDF files.

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