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Explore how BizTalk360 empowers companies in HealthCare, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Retail, and Logistics

Published on : Jul 11, 2023

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We are back with another exciting webinar for 2023 where our BizTalk360 Product Consultant team provided insights on different perspectives Iike how our enterprises are using BizTalk360 and how BizTalk360 clearly addresses all the pain points. BizTalk360 has existed for around a decade now, we have been engaging with new customers through demonstrations, client relationship calls, partner calls, webinars, and many other occasions as well.

Most of the time, we have received few responses from our prospects about the product and there were few questions raised like:

  • How does BizTalk360 work in different industries?
  • How does BizTalk360 address all the pain points which they faced earlier?
  • Show us in detail about the various sectors who use BizTalk360
  • Will the downtime get reduced?

To answer these questions and to demonstrate the feature capabilities in action, our team decided to run a webinar that focused on these topics. So, this blog is a high-level overview of what the team discussed during the webinar. The agenda of the webinar is looked as below.

agenda of the BizTalk360 webinar

As we considered the content discussed during the webinar valuable for not just the attendees in the webinar, we have cherry-picked a few topics from that webinar and decided to write this blog. We will also highlight a couple of the most interesting features that we discussed during the webinar. If you would like to view the actual recording of the webinar or join us on an upcoming webinar, you can check the website.

Unveiling BizTalk360’s footprints in various industries

Team has cherry picked few of the prominent industries where BizTalk360 had its footprints:

  • HealthCare
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Retail
  • Logistics

In the above-mentioned industries the team highlighted the business problems as common challenges faced by enterprises.

 BizTalk360’s footprints in various industries

Addressing the challenges:

Team highlighted the challenges that most of the enterprises faced and how this is solved with BizTalk360:

Data-driven Decision Making

It is quite important to know how your data flows across the system to make sure that the data flowing from inbound to outbound is correct. This can be addressed using the Data Monitoring feature in BizTalk360.

Proactive Issue Detection

For any business, identifying issues proactively can be quite difficult with BizTalk Server and users need to check manually to detect issues and resolve them. Now using BizTalk360, users will be notified about timely issues and get alerted via different notification channels.

Performance Optimization

Use BizTalk360’s Analytics throttling analyzer capability to know the performance of your BizTalk Server and you don’t have to rely on third-party tools like Perfmon for Windows Servers.

Security and Risk Mitigation

For any business, this aspect is important because lack of security can expose to risk and this can breach the business process, hence BizTalk360 comes with rich security and auditing capabilities.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer experience will be moved to the next stage because BizTalk360 is a one stop portal where users can experience multiple portals like BAM (Business Activity Monitoring), BRE (Business Rules Composer), BHM (BizTalk Health Monitor), ESB (Exception Management Framework), and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). combined in one single portal.

Track Key Performance Indicators

Users can easily track important KPI’s of your business which can be helpful for business users.

HealthCare Industry

There are couple of challenges faced in this sector but after purchasing BizTalk360, users were able to solve all the challenges at ease.

Key challenges enterprise faced:

  • A lot of “false” alarms being triggered
  • No automatic way to handle the environment
  • A more user-friendly monitoring product is needed

After BizTalk360

  • Didn’t receive any false alerts
  • Challenges conquered through automated capabilities
  • Positive experience with UI/UX

The team highlighted the case study from customer “Lakemedelsverket – Swedish Medical Product Agency

Manufacturing industry

One of our customers had shared their experience in manufacturing industry on how their issues were addressed.

Key challenges faced:

  • No centralized monitoring
  • No easy-to-use tool for non-BizTalk savvy colleagues
  • No notification capabilities available
  • No integrated monitoring for message queues, API endpoints, etc

After BizTalk360:

  • Centralized monitoring for the whole BizTalk environment
  • Easy-to-use tool with customisable dashboards
  • Notification capabilities via email, Teams, ServiceNow, etc
  • Integrated monitoring for message queues, API endpoints, FTP Sites etc

The team highlighted the case study from customer, “ Geberit”.

Retail industry

Team decided to pick up Nicholas and Company who belonged to Food Industry. Team highlighted the challenges they faced earlier.

Key Challenges:

  • Not being aware of ports being down
  • No notification for failed messages
  • Lot of manual monitoring

After BizTalk360:

  • A great monitoring tool with automated recovery and retry tools for enabling ports and message resubmission
  • The previous equation related to failed message and port being down was gone
  • The team highlighted the case study from customer, “Nicholas & Company

Logistics industry

Here we have our renowned customer – OIA Global, where all the challenges have been addressed using BizTalk360.

Key challenges:

  • Absence of monitoring for message transactions
  • Queues files that are not picked up
  • State of the applications in the PROD environment

After BizTalk360

  • Auto start of applications and artifacts to catch potential issues early and improve overall efficiency
  • Set Alarms that monitor applications
  • The team highlighted the case study from customer, “OIA Global”.

Energy and Utilities

Team explained couple of challenges here

Key challenges:

  • Manual monitoring of applications
  • Time consuming monitoring and operations
  • No overview of BizTalk Server Environment

After BizTalk360:

  • Monitoring capability for applications
  • Check for errors and take appropriate action
  • The team highlighted the case study from customer, “Hess Corporation”.
  • Speakers highlighted the following functionalities in detail with the demo.

Landing Page:

With the landing page users can get all sorts of information related to the environment that has been created. Users can see the environments configured in a care view layout. You will have access to details like:

  • BizTalk Topology
  • Activating license
  • Number of alarms configured and their status
  • Count of artifacts left for mapping
  • Number of BizTalk servers configured
  • Number of Host Instances

This card layout depicts the information about the environments configured, and the cards can be dragged and dropped based on the user’s convenience. BizTalk360 comprises of three main components which is displayed below:

BizTalk360 and its core features

Applications administration and monitoring:

Speakers highlighted this feature because this simplifies the process of deploying, managing, and troubleshooting business integration solutions. Users can easily manage and monitor BizTalk application and artifacts at ease. To know more about managing and monitoring application please follow the link.

MessageBox Queries

This made the audience wow because this feature not only reminds the heart of BizTalk but also remains the heart of BizTalk360 as well. To know more please follow the link.

Tracking Manager

This feature acts as a middleware in BizTalk360 where users can get an insight about how users can track the information flowing through the system. Users can get information like

  • Message Content and Context
  • Orchestrations
  • Receive Ports
  • Send Ports
  • Schemas
  • Pipelines
  • Policies

To know more about this feature, please follow the link attached.

Team Management

Here our speaker showcased on how users can provide limited/no access to your business users at the application level and system level. User can set up access rights for users to different features and applications.

To know more about this feature, please follow the link attached.

Monitoring Dashboard

As the name depicts, this feature shows the insights about the overall well-being of the configured environment. Currently our customers typically display the monitoring dashboard on big LCD screens which helps to keep an eye on the health of environment in a visual manner.

Azure monitoring

This feature is especially for the enterprises who use hybrid scenario, like BizTalk and Azure. Here the speaker highlighted the functionality in detail about how well users can manage and monitor Azure environments.

BizTalk environment monitoring

Our speakers highlighted the functionality in detail for BizTalk users about how to manage and monitor the BizTalk environment configurations such as Host Instances, Host Throttling, Web Endpoints, Database Query, BHM (BizTalk Health Monitor), Database query, monitoring of BizTalk,SQL Server usage and monitor the health of Files and Queues.

Data Monitoring

This feature allows users to monitor on the data points within BizTalk Group, for certain events to happen or not to happen. Say, every Monday morning between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM users can expect a batch of at least 50 messages from SAP to arrive and being processed in BizTalk, downstream systems won’t be updated which results in a breach of business process.

Process Monitoring

This feature depicts the number of files being transferred at specific timeframe from a specific location to another. This feature can be helpful in checking for messages being transferred in turn reduces the manual work of monitoring files being transferred. Sounds interesting right! Click here to know more.

Message Box Monitoring

This feature offers the capability to BizTalk administrators. BizTalk360 goes one step further to reduce the manual intervention that is required from the administrators where via this feature users can choose what needs to be done when a service instance becomes suspended.

Click here to know more about the feature.

Cost savings

The speaker depicted the impact of downtime that can cause for large enterprises, the potential costs can be substantial, including

  • Lost revenue
  • Productivity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • This down time can also have long-term effects on your business, including
  • Reputational damage
  • Increased risk of customer churn

These can be avoided when BizTalk360 is used.

V10.6 feature highlights

As promised, our team always come up with new releases every 3 months. Likewise, for this quarter our team came up with new features and enhancements based on the feedback provided by our customers. All new features have been highlighted during the webinar. Please look at our release notes which can be interesting.

BizTalk360 v10.6


Thus, the webinar ended successfully with exciting Q&A and other commercial sites which can be interesting for users. We are always happy to discuss any challenges you might face, so feel free to reach out to us and have an obligation-free conversation. You can request a demo, or take a free trial.