“I can recommend BizTalk360 and the support that comes with it to anyone managing a BizTalk environment of any size”

Frank Halder , Senior IT Application Analyst

About Geberit Verwaltungs AG

A pioneer in sanitary products in Europe is the worldwide active Geberit Group. In the majority of European nations, Geberit has a significant local presence and offers distinctive added value in the areas of sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics. Six of the 29 production networks are overseas. Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland is home to the Group’s main office. Geberit produced sales of CHF 3.1 billion in 2019 while employing over 12,000 people in roughly 50 nations.

Key challenges 

  • No centralized monitoring and easy-to-use tool for non-BizTalk savvy colleagues
  • No centralized warning thresholds and notification capabilities are available
  • No integrated monitoring for other EAI system parts like message queues, API endpoints, etc

Before BizTalk360

Along with out-of-the-box tools, Geberit had a custom tracking database built by their initial integration partner Quibiq. Their environment includes one server each for Development, QA, and Production. 15 Different BizTalk Applications are connecting 7 LoB application systems. Geberit added a note about an aha moment the organization had when it wanted to try something new:

The team had used custom-built tools before BizTalk360, but those tools lack in integrating all aspects of even simple EAI environments.

Top reasons to select BizTalk360

Geberit highlights the following reasons why they choose BizTalk360:

  • BizTalk360 is an easy-to-use tool for monitoring and managing a BizTalk environment. This provides a centralized and customized dashboard that allows administrators to monitor and manage their BizTalk servers/environments in real-time without involving BizTalk expertise and involve support personnel or non-BizTalk savvy colleagues to use the tool as they don’t need to be experts in the technology.
  • The product offers customizable warning thresholds, so administrators can set up alerts whenever specific criteria are met. BizTalk360 allows users to quickly switch between multiple environments or applications, making it easier to manage multiple deployments from one central location.

The initial phase with BizTalk360

Geberit stated that getting started is super easy, and BizTalk360 delivers value immediately. There was no need to first fine-tune every part before seeing the benefits. The product has helped Geberit to overcome the challenges which they highlighted earlier:

  • Ease of access to information about the environment’s status
  • Ease of access to environmental control
  • Easy distribution of notifications and alarms

Feature Geberit likes the most in BizTalk360

Geberit had a positive experience using BizTalk360; for example, the Automated Integration of BizTalk360 into the CI/CD pipeline and Auto-recovery took away much stressful routine work. Maintenance schedules make more frequent deployments and CI/CD a breeze.

Results / Impact with BizTalk360  

BizTalk360 has allowed them to share their responsibilities with the team without the huge learning curve that BizTalk usually involves. They further added:

Bringing a new release to Production went from many manual tasks eating up an evening to a single click and the confidence that nothing would get lost from failing unnoticed. This was the specific metric shared and the impact the product has on Geberit.

Tremendous support from the BizTalk360 team 

The Pre Sales, Post Sales, and Support team has provided their support throughout. For example, the team was readily available to help Geberit from installation to date. Geberit highlighted a couple of items to be excellent. They are:

  • Value added to their day-to-day activities
  • Pre-sale experience
  • Purchase experience
  • Installation or first-use experience
  • Product usage experience
  • Support assistance

… Getting great value right from the start and reducing the complexity of managing and monitoring a BizTalk environment.

Organisation: Geberit Verwaltungs AG

Industry: Wholesale Building Materials


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