“BizTalk360 is a better monitoring product, and fewer alerts are triggered as each alarm is customised”

Tobias Fröberg , System Developer

About Lakemedelsverket

Lakemedelsverket, the Swedish Medical Products Agency, prioritises safe and effective pharmaceuticals but also minimises the environmental impact of medical products such as:

  • Antibiotics
  • Endocrine disruptors
  • Substances produced in large quantities in connection with the manufacturer of medicines

Key challenges

Lakemedelsverket faces several challenges when operating its BizTalk environment:

  • A lot of “false” alarms are being triggered
  • No automatic way to handle the environment
  • A more user-friendly monitoring product is needed

About their environment

Lakemedelsvert has four BizTalk Servers and 80 BizTalk applications in their environment, and they were initially using BizTalk and SCOM for monitoring purposes.

Top reasons to select BizTalk360 

In the beginning, Lakemedelsverket looked for a better monitoring platform in the market and found BizTalk360 that could monitor their environment. As a result their business gained more flexibility and they trusted BizTalk360 would help them in achieving business and personal goals. These are some of the reasons that Lakemedelsvert chose the product.

After BizTalk360

The team didn’t find any difficulties in getting started with the product. The latest interface v10.0 gives them a positive experience and helped them to overcome the challenges which they have highlighted. For example, with precise monitoring, the team didn’t receive any false alerts because each alarm is customized to a BizTalk application.

Features Lakemedelsverket like the most

The team likes the below 2 features.

Data Monitoring

This helps them to monitor the data points, for example, if a particular batch of messages has been processed or not, with less or no manual intervention.

Automated Task

This helped them to save time and energy by automating mundane processes such as server maintenance and application deployment. Automation also helps to streamline the process and make it easier to complete tasks quickly and much more efficiently.

Journey with the BizTalk360 team 

The overall quality of BizTalk360 is extremely good and adds value to their daily activities. The BizTalk360 team helped Lakemedelsverket whenever they needed it; right from pre-sales and purchase experiences and the installation, the product had a very smooth installation. The support team was readily accessible and assisted with the proper usage of the product at regular intervals.

… BizTalk360’s latest interface, v10.0 provided a good positive experience, and there are a lot of new features.

Organisation: Lakemedelsverket

Industry: Swedish Medical Products Agency


  • Data Monitoring
  • Automated Tasks
  • Administration
  • Analytics

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