“As a user of BizTalk360, we don’t have to worry about starting BizTalk artifacts manually because the product will do it for us if necessary”

Osiris , Developer

About OIA Global

Provider of Logistics, Storage, Transportation and Supply chain management services intended for automotive, energy, fashion, footwear and other industries. The team mainly has integrity, ensuring regulatory compliance, and managing transportation.

The company offers various logistics and supply chain freight forwarding with a large portfolio of services including:

  • Air & Ocean Freight forwarding
  • Project & Contract Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Customs brokerage
  • Sourcing
  • Packaging
  • Inventory Control
  • Material handling

These services enable clients to benefit from a unique combination of global logistics and packaging optimization.

Key challenges 

  • Absence of monitoring for message transactions
  • Queued files that are not picked up
  • State of the applications in the PROD environment

Before BizTalk360

Prior to implementing BizTalk360, OIA Global faced challenges monitoring their BizTalk artifacts and receiving alerts for potential issues. The manual monitoring process made it difficult to identify and address problems in a timely manner, and the absence of alerting capabilities hindered performance optimization efforts. In addition, the lack of alerting capabilities also made it hard for organizations to identify potential performance bottlenecks in their system. OLA Global’s PROD environment, which includes 50 integrations in BizTalk Server, experienced various issues related to the state of the applications, such as performance bottlenecks and availability problems.

Features OIA Global likes and Results / Impact with BizTalk360 

OIA Global relies on BizTalk360 to monitor their Test and production environments, with two servers dedicated to each. The team has found that BizTalk360 is a powerful tool designed to help them streamline their workflow. One of the features which OIA Global liked the most is the ability to set alarms that monitor applications, the auto start of applications and artifacts, features enable OIA Global to catch potential issues early and resolve them quickly, improving overall efficiency.

For example, by setting up alarms to monitor key applications, the team was able to detect a performance bottleneck before it caused any significant problems, allowing them to proactively address the issue.

Applaudable customer service

We received excellent support from the BizTalk360 team throughout the purchasing process, with the pre-sales team providing all necessary information to make an informed decision. The team was particularly impressed with the post-sales support, which has been invaluable for day-to-day activities such as troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrades. Thanks to the support provided by the BizTalk360 team, OIA Global has been able to fully leverage the benefits of the product and optimize their workflow.

… BizTalk360 reduces manual monitoring and helps in achieving business goals.

Organisation: OIA Global

Industry: Transportation, Logistics, Storage and Supply chain industry


  • Monitoring
  • Auto correct
  • Notification Alerts
  • Administration  

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