Power of BizTalk360 (v2.0). Accessing our BizTalk environment running in UK from Amsterdam Schiphol airport

Published on : Jul 1, 2011

Category : BizTalk360 Update



Recently we been blogging a lot about the new features that’s coming in BizTalk360 V2.0, the main one is BizTalk360 and Azure AppFabric integration We even got a public demo available at http://demo.biztalk360.com which allows visitors from any part of the world to access and do some basic management of one of our BizTalk environments remotely. All you need is a computer with internet connection and Silverlight plugin installed. I was at Almere, Netherlands couple of days ago giving presentation about BizTalk360 to the Dutch BizTalk user group meeting (blog posts 1, 2, 3, photos). On our way back, I was checking my emails, on the public pc on the KPN internet booth in the Schiphol airport. Suddenly I got the thought of accessing http://demo.biztalk360.com and see how it behaves. To my surprise, that public pc was equipped with latest version of Silverlight and BizTalk360 smoothly loaded as shown in the below pictures. _MG_2485 _MG_2488 _MG_2490 What you are seeing on the screen is our BizTalk environment hosted and running in United Kingdom, accessed from a public PC in Amsterdam Airport. The below picture shows the actual technology behind the scene. The front-end Silverlight application is hosted separately on Windows Azure (web role), the back-end WCF service are hosted on our on-premise BizTalk environment protected by firewall and NAT. Azure AppFabric service bus takes care of all the end-to-end connectivity between the Silverlight front-end and WCF back-end. The end result, seamless management of on premise BizTalk environment, remotely, securely, with less investment on infrastructure. We are currently spending around $4/day to run the demo (http://demo.biztalk360.com ). We haven’t done any huge initial investment to get this up and running. We can offer this service to any customers, and we can set up this infrastructure in few hours.