What is BizTalk360?

Microsoft BizTalk Server is one of the finest integration product available in the market. When Microsoft released a brand new version based on .NET framework back in 2004, it was way ahead of its time, it was one of the fastest growing product (revenue wise) within Microsoft that time.

It has all the ingredients required for solving any integration problems like high throughput messaging, powerful orchestration engine, rules engine, Business Activity monitoring engine, and EDI capabilities with accelerators of Healthcare (HL7/HIPAA), Financials (SWIFT) etc.

The challenge we have seen after working with the product for over 14 years is, Microsoft didn’t make right investments to showcase the power of the platform to the end users. It left few gaps around operations, monitoring, administration, power tools, dashboards, etc.

That’s exactly what we took as an opportunity and built BizTalk360 (meaning 360 degree view of BizTalk Server). We focused on operations and monitoring and addressed pretty much all the gaps. Microsoft BizTalk Server + BizTalk360 is a powerful combination to solve any of your integration problems.

5 Reasons to use BizTalk360

  • Single Operational Console

    Do you know, to support your BizTalk solutions, your support people need access to 7-10 different tools (BizTalk Admin Console, SQL Management Studio, BAM Portal, ESB Portal, Event Viewer, etc). BizTalk360 consolidates everything into one.

  • Share your Environment Safely

    BizTalk360 makes it possible to the share your BizTalk environment easily between different business units. They can’t see each other applications and data.

  • Access to business Users

    BizTalk360 UI is fully customizable, give limited access to your business Users, So they don’t bother your technical people for trivial things.

  • Simplicity

    Your BizTalk solution may be complex, but your operations need not be, We provide great productivity tools to make day-to-day operations takes a breeze.

  • Enterprise Characteristics

    BizTalk360 is designed for enterprises. Comes with feature like automatic high-availability, HP Operations manager integration etc.

Top 5 reasons to choose BizTalk360

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