4 Major Pillars of BizTalk360

  • BizTalk360 - Security Security & Audit
  • BizTalk360 - Operations and AdministrationOperations &
  • BizTalk360 - All your data in one placeAll your data in
    one place
  • BizTalk360 - BizTalk Server MonitoringMonitoring

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5 Reasons to use BizTalk360

  • Single Operational Console

    Do you know, to support your BizTalk solutions, your support people need access to 7-10 different tools (BizTalk Admin Console, SQL Management Studio, BAM Portal, ESB Portal, Event Viewer, etc). BizTalk360 consolidates everything into one.

  • Share your Environment Safely

    BizTalk360 makes it possible to the share your BizTalk environment easily between different business units. They can’t see each other applications and data.

  • Access to business Users

    BizTalk360 UI is fully customizable, give limited access to your business Users, So they don’t bother your technical people for trivial things.

  • Simplicity

    Your BizTalk solution may be complex, but your operations need not be, We provide great productivity tools to make day-to-day operations takes a breeze.

  • Enterprise Characteristics

    BizTalk360 is designed for enterprises. Comes with feature like automatic high-availability, HP Operations manager integration etc.

Top 5 reasons to choose BizTalk360

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