MVP Global Summit 2012 – BizTalk360

Published on : Feb 26, 2012

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Here I’m writing this post from my hotel in Bellevue, I’m here to attend the MVP Global Summit 2012. It’s one of the very important event for us from BizTalk360. Anniversary of BizTalk360 is inline with the MVP summit. The initial idea of BizTalk360 was originated from 2010 summit while having dinner with some of the great BizTalk MVP folks in Redmond.  The original idea was to build some web based administration console for BizTalk server.  Like any typical chit-chat over coffee, after the summit everyone went on their own way and nothing materialised. Couple months after the summit I started to work on the idea, initially no big plans just to play with some latest and greatest technologies like WCF and SilverLight. Slowly the idea turned into something that will be useful to lot of people and I started paying more attention, hired few contractors and completed version 1.0. I demonstrated the V1 product to Yossi Dahan and Michael Stephenson just before Christmas of 2010 (2 months before the 2011 summit). Got some great feedbacks from them, which  helped to refine the product. In 2011 MVP summit I demoed the nearly completed V1 product to the whole BizTalk MVP community and to some folks in the BizTalk product team, again got some great feedbacks on the things that are must have in the V1 of the product. After coming back refined the product further, with constant feedback from the close friends in the BizTalk MVP community and launched the first public CTP version on May 2011.  The product finally launched in July 2011 and we sold our first commercial license in August 2011. BizTalk360 is not just a web based BizTalk administration console anymore, we passed that stage almost a year ago. Now it cover wide range of things that’s required for running your BizTalk environment efficiently like finer authorization capabilities, message box viewer integration, in-built monitoring, knowledge base repository, graphical message flow viewer, throttling analyser and many more We released 3 major updates since our launch 8 months ago. We are very proud to say we got customers in several countries now. BizTalk360 is constantly evolving, we got big plans for our next release around June 2012. Stay tuned. If you are in the summit, and want to have a chat please feel free to grab me any time. Nandri, Saravana Kumar, Founder, BizTalk360