How we onboard new customers for BizTalk360

Published on : Nov 23, 2021

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BizTalk360 exists for a decade now. In these 10 years of journey, our team delivered 3-4 major releases per year. We always believe in:

  “Best way to evolve the product is by getting feedback from our customers”

This blog post is about how we onboard new customers for BizTalk360 and we keep comforting our end users right from installation. Via this blog post we will tell you how easy and quick it is.

Birth of BizTalk360

BizTalk360 was founded in 2011. Our CEO, Saravana Kumar started this as a hobby project, an idea that evolved during the MVP summit in 2010. The birth of BizTalk360 started from there, and now it is an essential tool for enterprises that use Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020. BizTalk360 is a completely web-based console that provides a solution to Administer, Monitor, and get Analytics from your BizTalk Server environment.

Demo requests

If you are new to BizTalk360, and interested to know what features we have in the product, and to understand if it will be a suitable product for your BizTalk Server environment? No worries! Just raise a request for a demo and our sales team will get in touch with you! This demo takes place through Microsoft teams, Email communication or based on your convenience.

Requirement gathering call and analyzing the pain points you face

Once the request has been raised, our sales team will collect all the pain points you face in Microsoft BizTalk Server and what you expect from our BizTalk360 product. Based on the feedback we receive from our sales team; our dedicated product consultant team will work on the feedback and provide you with a customized demo. This demo will be taken by our product consultant who has years of experience in BizTalk Server and BizTalk360.

People focused approach for product demo

Our consultant team will take ideally around 30 minutes to 1 hour of your time to take you for a product tour. As our product is bundled with 80+ features we provide you a product demo based on your requirements and touch base with the other features that we have. Our ultimate goal is to provide priority based on the requirements you provide us.


Below are some of the feedbacks that we receive from our customers right after the demo and after using our product:

  • One of the most customized comprehensive product demos I’ve ever heard
  • Indeed, a good demo with real time examples. Thanks to the presenter
  • Really a matured product which is a must for monitoring your BizTalk Server environment
  • BizTalk360 provides accurate monitoring, and it is now supported by our business analyst team

We are trusted by more than 650 enterprise customers in more than 40 countries across the globe.

Product walkthrough at free of cost

Once the demo has been delivered, we always want our prospects to use the product themselves to better understand the product and to know the key functionalities in even more detail. Hence, our team can provide you a 30-day free trial key to the full version of BizTalk360 that helps you to understand if the product addresses your requirements.

Pricing queries

When the trial key has been activated, each new prospect has a dedicated account manager/ Sales development representative to help you understand BizTalk360. As it is quite a mature product, you might be able to easily use some of the important features we have in our product. Our team will keep in touch during your evaluation process and if you face any difficulties or if you have any queries, you can just write up and email to the account manager. They will arrange for a quick call with technical support / product consultant team to further assist you!

After the trial key has been expired, prospects can purchase the product based upon the tier you require.

Technical assistance

Once you have purchased the product, we ensure that new prospects get equal assistance as our existing customers. Hence, we provide you with technical assistance. You can simply write to us via email ( Our dedicated and responsive Support team will revert with you with a quick solution via email. In case we think that a customer call with screen-sharing is more efficient, we can set that up too.

With modern look and feel, BizTalk360 is ready for you!

BizTalk360 is used by 650+ enterprise customers in 40+ countries across the globe. With BizTalk360 you can better operate and monitor your BizTalk server environment, Azure Logic apps, Service Bus queues and API Apps. Our team has worked on the v10 release for more than 1 year to completely refresh the user interface. Also, based on the customer’s feedback from our BizTalk360 feedback portal, some new features were developed.

Support for Azure Serverless technologies

To support hybrid integration scenarios, we brought support for several Azure technologies in BizTalk360, preventing you from context switching between BizTalk360 and the Azure portal.

Our product stacks

In we have 5 main products.

  1. BizTalk360

With BizTalk360, you can work more efficiently with BizTalk Server and be in control of unexpected events that happen in your environment. The product is completely web-based, and with its fine-grained user access policies, you can even make your business users to support your BizTalk solutions.

  1. Atomic Scope

Atomic Scope is a functional end-to-end business activity tracking and monitoring product for Hybrid Integration scenarios involving Microsoft BizTalk Server and Azure Logic Apps. With Atomic Scope, you get full visibility of your end-to-end business flows.

  1. Serverless360

Serverless360 is a support platform engineered for your Microsoft Azure Resources. This tool will be helpful if you need to manage and monitor your Azure Serverless components. The main purpose of Serverless360 is to make management and troubleshooting of Azure PaaS applications easier.

  1. Cerebrata

With this product you can empower Azure developers to move at the speed of business with a single cross-platform desktop tool. Comprehensive and powerful features help you to manage multiple Azure services from a single tool. With Cerebrata you can use the following functionalities

  • Azure storage service
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Service bus
  • Azure Cognitive search
  • Azure Redis cache
  • Azure subscriptions
  1. Document360

This knowledge base platform is engineered for growing companies. It allows you to to instantly create online Self-Service Knowledge bases for your customers and employees (accessed either publicly or privately).


In this blog post we have covered how seamlessly we onboard our new prospects. BizTalk360 has all the required features that might fit you for your BizTalk server environment. If you wish to evaluate our product and explore the product yourself or arrange for a personal demo of the product, take a quick go by signing up for our free trial and enjoy our 30 days trial version.