BizTalk360 helps you to operate and administer your BizTalk environments in a secure, efficient, cost-effective and the most productive way
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Supercharge your BizTalk application support

The standard admin console lacks lots of core capabilities for your day to day BizTalk server operations such as no web access, no dashboards, weak security, no auditing, no graphical tools, and so on. BizTalk360 is packed with tons of features, all designed from the ground up, to make your day-to-day BizTalk administration & operations seamless.

Unique dashboards for unique requirements

Your BizTalk environment and solution will be unique to your own circumstances. Therefore, your dashboard should reflect the reality of your own setup. BizTalk360 comes with a very powerful dashboard platform that allows you to customize it in the way you want it — powerful out of the box widgets, ability to build your own dashboard to bring data from external sources (like CRM, SAP, etc), and you can also have multiple dashboards for multiple scenarios.

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Unique Dashboards
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Secure your BizTalk environment and audit user activities

Security and Operational auditing (governance) is one of the core features of BizTalk360. It provides the right amount of access to the support people. For example, providing developers read-only access to the production system, and also auditing all their activities like starting send ports, stopping host instances, terminating suspended instances etc. Think about your business cost in the following scenarios:

  • A developer sneakily deploying a latest (non-tested) component in your production environment!!
  • A technical support guy seeing confidential messages like patient health records or a $1M financial investment from a high net worth client and and so on!
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Visualise the end-to-end transaction without any BizTalk knowledge

BizTalk is a loosely coupled publish-subscribe system. If you need to understand the flow of messages from A to B using the standard BizTalk admin console, you need to be a BizTalk expert. BizTalk360 solves this problem by visualising the message transaction in a graphical way and pinpointing any problems on the path by extracting the information already present. You need not develop any components or make any code changes to your existing system to take advantage of the graphical message flow functionality.

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Visualize End-to-end Transaction

Azure services

You know your logic apps run in your azure environment. If you want to enable/disable the logic apps, you can simply do that from BizTalk360 UI. This will get reflected in the corresponding Logic App in the Azure portal. BizTalk360 search capabilities easily help you find the particular Logic App even when they are in different resource groups or subscriptions.

Logic Apps

You know your logic apps run in your azure environment. If you want to enable/disable the logic apps, you can simply do that from BizTalk360 UI. This will get reflected in the corresponding Logic App in the Azure portal. BizTalk360 search capabilities easily help you find the particular Logic App even when they are in different resource groups or subscriptions.

Logic Apps
Logic Apps

Run trigger

Data like History and Runs are huge when it comes to real-time scenarios/production use. For each Logic App, BizTalk360 will show the last 30 records or Run and Trigger history.

Graphical view

How about viewing the runs and trigger history details in graphical view? This becomes easy for you to navigate and identify the date and time tracking

Logic Apps
Logic Apps

Integration Accounts

Interested to view the maps, schemas, partners, agreements, and certificates in an Integration account right from BizTalk360 portal. Is it possible? The answer is “Yes”. Support personnel who is in-charge of a hybrid solution spanning across BizTalk and Logic Apps need not switch between BizTalk360 and Azure portal to manage the components

EDI Dashboard

Easily customizable according to user requirements through easy-to-add and removable widgets. Create your own custom dashboards with the widgets of your choice

Easy to use

Creating and customizing dashboards in BizTalk360 doesn’t require programming skills – any non-BizTalk user can create an EDI dashboard in just a few clicks.

Logic Apps
Logic Apps

Latest version notifier

Curious to know about the latest version of BizTalk360 which have been released. View this right from BizTalk360 portal at the top right corner of Home page

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Don’t let your talented BizTalk developers waste their time on application support

Take a moment and answer this question – Who is involved in supporting your BizTalk solution? Is it a dedicated non-BizTalk resource or your talented BizTalk developers? Sadly, the answer will be BizTalk developers! The standard BizTalk admin console requires deep knowledge of the BizTalk server and it’s impossible to hand it over to non-BizTalk resources. BizTalk360 solves this challenge by providing controlled access, customizable user interface, rich dashboards, powerful troubleshooting tools; thereby making it possible to support your BizTalk solution using non-BizTalk resources.

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Fully functioning version of BizTalk360; you can test it on your own BizTalk environment(s)

Troubleshoot operational problems in a fraction of the time

Generally, people who are supporting BizTalk solutions would need to use anywhere between 7 to 10 different tools on a daily basis. Example: Admin Console, SQL Management Studio, BAM Portal, ESB Portal, Event Viewer’s, Performance Consoles, Monitoring Consoles etc. The consequences include, lost productivity in diagnosing problems, a steep learning curve understanding which tool to use under which circumstances and time spent setting security at different levels. BizTalk360 addresses these challenges by providing a single unified tool with enhanced security and governance.

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Business rules editor designed for business users

The standard BRE composer that ships with BizTalk is designed for an IT person and not for a business user. Whenever business rules require a change (Example: increase discount to 40%), the business user needs to contact IT, the IT person has to make the necessary changes and go through the full deployment cycle.

BizTalk360 addresses this challenge by providing a web based business rules composer that allows Business users to modify the rules directly and also deploy it in production right from the web interface. Of course, we have full control on providing access to who can edit and who can deploy, along with full auditing capability on who made the changes.

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Exception management & edit-resubmit messages

Lot of customers take advantage of the “ESB Toolkit – Exception Management Framework”. However, the ESB exception management portal that ship with the toolkit is just a sample web project (not to mention, it comes with quite a few bugs!). BizTalk360 ships with a nice/modern interface to query your ESB exception data, with capabilities like edit and resubmit messages, bulk re-submit of messages and very powerful monitoring and alerting capability. Example: You can monitor for any errors that occur in your payroll process application every 15 minutes and alert the relevant person/team.


Build your self-service knowledge base repository

In a middleware platform like BizTalk, there will always be some known problems during your day-to-day support. Example: Contoso Inc., occasionally sends messages with some junk ASCII characters that break. A partner occasionally sends a purchase order with the wrong date format etc. BizTalk360 helps to associate Knowledge Base (KB) articles with error conditions (you can tag them with the specific application, instance status, instance name etc). When the same problem reoccurs in your environment, BizTalk360 will intelligently match those articles and display them for the support people, thereby saving huge time in diagnosing the known problems from scratch. This also helps when you bring new people on board; they will be up to speed in no time at all.

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Make your DBA’s happy

DBA’s generally don’t like support people having full access to SQL instances and system databases (like BizTalk Message Box, Tracking etc.,) Unfortunately, that’s the case if you use the standard BizTalk tooling like Admin console. With BizTalk360, you get controlled web access to SQL instances, you can pre-define the queries your support people can run, and still allow them to visualize the database sizes, SQL jobs etc., thereby eliminating the need for full SQL access.

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BizTalk360 offers your team many different features that compliment BizTalk to enhance your ability to provide a great service while lowering your total cost of ownership of your BizTalk investment through more efficient operations processes.Better service and lower costs are a no brainer in my eyes.
Michael Stephenson, Microsoft Integration MVP

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Be super productive with awesome tools

Event Viewer

It is not easy to correlate events across multiple BizTalk servers; and the standard event viewer makes it difficult to diagnose BizTalk problems. BizTalk360 makes you become super productive by being able to view multiple events in a single page.

Disaster Recovery

The only supported way of doing Backup and DR in the BizTalk Server environment is by using the standard SQL Jobs and log shipping capabilities. BizTalk360 provides a single page visualizer to check the health of your Backup/DR configuration.

BizTalk Health
Monitor Integration

The standard BHM comes with over 400+ rules that validate different aspects of your BizTalk Server environment. BizTalk360 fully integrates the BHM, you can easily schedule BHM to run on a periodic basis, and view the reports in the UI.


You can set up tracking in multiple areas in BizTalk server – pipelines, orchestrations, schemas, and so on. With BizTalk360 Tracking Manager, its easy to know where tracking is enabled in the environment, in a single page.


In a complex BizTalk Server environment, administrators must know the environment topology. BizTalk360 dynamically generates the infrastructure topology diagram, & it is always in sync with the current environment setup. No more Visio/MS Word diagrams!

Business Activity
Monitoring Portal

BizTalk360 comes with inbuilt Business Activity Monitoring portal that allows administrators and support people to access the activities and view data stored in BAM database seamlessly. You can also have notification alerts for certain BAM data thresholds.

EDI Parties and

Know the status of your EDI and AS2 transmissions within the BizTalk360 user interface. Also, know the party, business profile, and agreement information that exist in the BizTalk Server environment.

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Want total control over your BizTalk environment?
This is the product for you.

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Fully functioning version of BizTalk360; you can test it on your own BizTalk environment(s)

We have implemented BizTalk360 at many of our customers, and always had great responses. BizTalk360 helps out really well with streamlining monitoring and operations of our customer BizTalk environments. This a great tool not just for administrators, but also for developers, QA and business users. The product comes with improved features on every release, and feedback of their customers is really taken into account. To me, this product makes the life of every BizTalk user that much better.
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Eldert Grootenboer Microsoft Integrations Consultant, Motion10, Netherlands

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