Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 is here!

Mid-January 2020, Microsoft released BizTalk Server 2020. Before and since that moment, different people started to write about this release of BizTalk Server. To prevent you from having to browse yourself for specific content about the product, we decided to bring this landing page. At this page, we intend to provide links to all important resources around BizTalk Server 2020. To keep it up to date, we will frequently revisit this page.

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What’s new in BizTalk Server 2020

This sections shortly explains a few the most important new features of BizTalk Server 2020.

Operational Data Monitoring and Analytics

Leverage the power of Azure for deep data storage and Power BI for reporting and viewing of data.

Advanced Scheduling

New and improved scheduling capabilities in BizTalk Adapters. Configure recurrence of receiving or transmitting messages, including setting the correct time zone.

Management APIs

Manage your environment remotely using the new REST APIs with full Swagger support.

New Read-Only Operator role, Audit Log and GMSA support

There is a brand new read-only operator role, where access to production is provided without the ability to update anything. The Audit Log makes BizTalk Server more secure by maintaining audit trails of all management operations. Windows GMSA support is extended to BizTalk operations and services.

New/updated Adapters

Leverage the power of BizTalk in newer office automation workflows by integrating with Adapters that allow you to send or receive Office 365 emails, receive or transmit Office 365 calendar events, and create Office 365 contacts. With the new Event Hub Adapter, BizTalk Server can send and receive messages with Azure Event Hubs.

Support for newer platforms

BizTalk Server 2020 adds support for the following Microsoft platforms.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2019

Windows Server

    Windows Server 2019

    Windows Server 2016

    Windows 10

SQL Server

SQL Server 2019

SQL Server 2017

SQL Server 2016 SP2


Office 2019

Office 2016

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Migrating to BizTalk server 2020

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