Release date: 1st Nov 2022

BizTalk360 Version 10.4

In this release, we have some exciting features like Managing EDI parties and agreements, Azure Service Bus Administration, Schedule Service Window configuration for Ports and Automated Tasks for Logic Apps, IIS App pool operations, and PowerShell execution.

BizTalk360 v10.4
SQL Server Availability

BizTalk EDI Parties and Agreements

It was a hurdle to manage BizTalk EDI Parties and Agreements, but now with the new feature release, you can manage BizTalk EDI parties, profiles, and agreements from BizTalk360. Also, it is covered with user access permissions and governance audit.

Service Window configuration

Stop context switching to BizTalk Admin Console. Now BizTalk360 users can configure the service window schedule for Receive Location and Send Ports.

BizTalk360 v10.4 release
BizTalk360 v10.4 release

Automated Tasks

Automated Tasks extended its support to

  • Logic Apps operations
  • IIS App pool operations
  • PowerShell script execution

Azure Service Bus Operations

Administration of Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics with subscriptions falls under Azure Services.

Refreshed Interactive Dashboards

Business Hours Configuration

Keep things running despite your business hours by easily configuring business hours in BizTalk Server environments.


Notification Channels

BizTalk360 monitoring statuses are notified as

  • Voice call in Twilio
  • Send as events in Service Now

BizTalk360 v10.4 BizTalk360 v10.4

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BizTalk360 v10.4 release
BizTalk360 v10.4
BizTalk360 v10.4 BizTalk360 v10.4 BizTalk360 v10.4 BizTalk360 v10.4

Message processing

Visualize the number of messages processed per application, get to view BizTalk Message performance data represented in custom widgets under the analytics feature.


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