Windows Azure BizTalk Services–Hello Word and Hybrid Scenarios demo videos

Published on : Jul 18, 2013

Category : Microsoft Azure



This week I presented a session for Windows Azure user group here in London about the new Windows Azure BizTalk Services. Typically I present in BizTalk User groups, but this time I was invited to present in Azure user group. I expected most of the people going to attend the event is going to have very little or basic understanding of BizTalk Server and Integration concepts. So I prepared the presentation and demo in the way it’s simple to understand. I presented couple of scenarios, I did the demos starting from scratch opening up Visual Studio and building/deploying the solution on stage .  I thought the demos could be useful for people who wanted to get their hands on Windows Azure BizTalk Services so spend some time this morning to quickly repeat the demos and record it. Here are the two quick demos

Windows Azure BizTalk Services – Hello World

Windows Azure BizTalk Services This is more of an “Hello World” example. You receive a Registration message which contains some basic information like attendee detail and event detail. You post that message to an HTTP end point in the cloud exposed by the new WABS infrastructure. As soon as you receive the message you promote the month property in the incoming message and based on the month you route this message to either a Windows Azure Blob storage or to a Windows Azure ServiceBus Queue. The following 16 minutes video clip will explain how you can develop and deploy this solution into Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS) If you cannot access the above YouTube video, you can download the WMV file from here.

Windows Azure BizTalk Services – Hybrid Connectivity

Hybrid Connectivity In the second demo I expanded the “Hello World” example by showing a hybrid connectivity to an on-premise system (SQL). If the incoming message contains event month as “September”, then the message will get routed to an on-premise SQL and get stored there. For this we used the BizTalk Adapter Service on the on-premise server, which underneath takes advantage of Windows Server AppFabric and ServiceBus Relay. Some of these new integrations concepts may be overwhelming, couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post “Understanding the current Integration Technologies Puzzle (cloud and on-premise)” which will help you understand certain bits. The following 14 minutes video will explain how we expanded the above “Hello World” example for on-premise connectivity. If you cannot access the above YouTube video, you can download the WMV file here. You can also download the presentation slides from here.