Rich Schema View in BizTalk360

Published on : Apr 23, 2014

Category : BizTalk360 Update

Sriram Hariharan


There is no reason to explain how important schemas are for BizTalk server solutions. The structure of the message whether you are using XML or Flat File is defined in a XSD schema in BizTalk server, schema’s will  also contain some important aspect like property promotion details.  When you are doing some administration/operations work, from time to time you’ll be interested in viewing the content of the schema itself. Until 7.1 release, we only displayed the general properties and tracking information of the schemas, you didn’t have the ability to view the content of schema within BizTalk360. In 7.2 release, rich schema view is one additional feature we added to the product.  Now you can view the content of the schema in a nice color coded UI by navigating to “Schemas” tab under BizTalk Application, click the properties icon, which will display the below screen with a tab called “Schema View“. You can also navigate to the schema’s via the “Search Artifacts” > “Schemas” functionality. In addition, we have also given the Schema view a nice tree view look with color coding, collapsible nodes, and scroll bars within the text area. Schema Properties