Resolving Azure ServiceBus related errors in IIS 7.0 and 7.5

Published on : Jun 15, 2011

Category : Microsoft Azure



When you install the Windows Azure AppFabric SDK, it extends your machine configuration files with set of WCF custom extensions (behaviour, bindings, bindingElement) to help you build the AppFabric service bus based applications. Examples:
  • basicHttpRelayBinding
  • netTcpRelayBinding
  • ws2007HttpRelayBinding
  • serviceRegistrySettings
  • transportClientEndpointBehavior
  • tcpRelayTransport
  • httpRelayTransport
  • httpsRelayTransport
  • onewayRelayTransport
As soon as you start working, you will notice couple of issues.
  1. Broken Visual Studio IntelliSense, and
  2. Broken IIS 7.0/7.5 AppFabric settings.
For Broken Visual Studio IntelliSense, there is very good article (Intellisense when editing Service Bus configuration files? Yes please!) from Paolo Salvatori explaining how you fix it. For the broken IIS 7.0/7.5 settings there are few blog posts recommending you to replace the ServiceBus_schema.xml file that comes as part of the Azure SDK samples under the “%SystemRoot%System32inetsrvconfigschema” folder. Example 1: Once the Azure SDK installed, copy the ServiceBus_schema.xml file from <installation folder>LabsIntroServiceBus2010Part1SourceAssets to %SystemRoot%System32inetsrvconfigschema directory. Example 2: Additionally, as Windows Server AppFabric uses the Microsoft.WebAdministration (MWA) API to read and write configuration files, you will provide a custom MWA schema for some of the elements from the Web.config file to be correctly recognized. This will give you the possibility to enable the Auto-Start feature from the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  1. Copy the ServiceBus_schema.xml file located under the SourceAssets folder of this lab to the %SystemRoot%System32inetsrvconfigschema directory. This file contains the schema that will be used by the Windows Server App Fabric to read the configuration file for your service.
There is a better and easy way The easy fix is to install the patch explained in this KB article After installing the fix, I didn’t encounter any issues on the AppFabric Server (IIS Manager 7.0) related to custom service bus WCF elements.