MVP Summit – Incredible Experience – Day 2

Published on : Feb 18, 2010

Category : Events



I’m right now on the MVP Global summit 2010 at Redmond. There are various technical advantages being an MVP, you are always in constant touch with the product team, you get access to certain confidential information under strict NDA, basically Microsoft tries to keep you on top of the game on whatever ways possible. Apart from the technical advantage the another key aspect for me is, it provides me a great opportunity to meet people from around the world who are experts (world leaders) in their respective areas. There was an instance this morning, which I simply can?t let it go. I was in a Microsoft shuttle bus this morning which takes us from hotel to the campus. I was the first one in the bus and we were waiting to get some more people. A gentle man turned up and asked me few questions regarding things like event registration, where to do it etc, etc and sat next to me. After like 10-15 minutes of general discussion, during the course of the conversation the routine question came up. So, whom do you work for. The gentleman replied “I’m Brad Kingsley the CEO (and President, he didn?t mention this) of ORCSWeb“. I just need to pinch myself and ask the question again. Did you say you are the CEO of ORCSWeb. He replied back, “Yes, I formed this company 14 years ago”. That’s incredible. ORCSWeb is not a small company, its one of the well known big hosting companies in the world, which hosts some of the high volume, highly demanding Microsoft sites like Channel 9. After this I had the opportunity to speak to him for another 20 minutes during the journey and till we reached the registration booth on the Microsoft campus. It was an awesome experience, and I need to thank Microsoft for creating such an opportunity. BTW, Brad Kingsley is not an MVP and he came to visit the MVP summit with a insider PASS to get some early preview of the technology roadmap. So, watch out guys you may be sitting next to some big shots.