More on Internet Service Bus (BizTalk Services)

Published on : Apr 26, 2007

Category : BizTalk Server



There are more confusion around people regarding BizTalk Services (Identity, Connectivity, ServiceBus, and Workflow). Why do we need all this additional service? Is there any business value? Will it make any difference to my client. etc etc Of course it will, remember the services are just in CTP, the more it get matures companies will come up with more ideas. Clemen Vasters from connected system division got an excellent post about “BizTalk Services” and the practical requirement for such services. Extract from his post: “If you are an ISV catering shrink-wrapped business solutions to SMEs whose network infrastructure may be as simple as a DSL line (with dynamic IP) that goes into a (wireless) hub and is as locked down as it possibly can be by the local networking company that services them, we can do as much as we want as an industry in trying to make inter-company B2B work and expand it to SMEs; your customers just aren’t playing in that game if they can’t get over these basic connectivity hurdles.” Related Links from this blog: BizTalk Services. How does Identity Service and Connectivity service fit together. BizTalk in the direction of SaaS (Software as a Service) Nandri! Saravana