Microsoft BizTalk Server vNext (after 2009 R2) – Feature Request

Published on : Feb 23, 2010

Category : BizTalk Server



I opened up a thread in StackOverflow for this, here is the link and here is the text “All, This post is not a question; it’s more of asking for feed back and future request. The product team is always looking for feed back to facilitate the future direction of the product. Some of us as BizTalk Server MVP’s/partners get that privilege to work with the product team closely to give our feedback regularly based on our real world experience. But I believe there is a much wider BizTalk community out there working on closed door project that tests the strength of the product to extreme levels. I would like those passionate people to come forward and put their feature request. Let’s use the power of StackOverflow to help us here. We can vote up and down on each feature request, and see what’s going to top the chart. I hope this will be a useful exercise. “