BizTalk360 version 10.6

Introducing BizTalk360 version 10.6: A Detailed Overview of New Features and Improvements

Published on : May 25, 2023

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We are pleased to announce the release of BizTalk360 version 10.6, which includes several improvements to the monitoring section, as well as new features that add significant value to the product.

In this blog, we will provide an in-depth look at the features and improvements included in BizTalk360 version 10.6

Key Takeaways

Understands the new features that have been shipped in v10.6 such as:

  1. IIS Administration: BizTalk360 simplifies IIS website and App pool operations by providing a secure interface to manage them without switching to each server. 
  2. Error Logging: Users can collect and review log messages to identify errors and their root causes. 
  3. SQL Query Data Monitoring: Users can centrally store and share SQL queries within BizTalk360, and now these query results can be monitored at regular intervals

Get to know the Enhancements done in v10.6

  1. Monitoring and Alert Improvements: Enhancements include mapping unmapped artifacts for monitoring, “Exactly One Active” monitoring state for clustered host instances, customizable email alert subjects.

  2. Administration Enhancements: This includes an import/export option for EDI Parties and Agreements, profile-specific execution of BHM and the improved BAM view column selection.

IIS Website and App pool operations

The administrator needs to start or stop App pools and websites for various reasons say for maintenance, security updates, etc. logging in to each individual server to perform these operations can be time-consuming and pose severe security risks. since team members will have full access permissions to the server.

BizTalk360 eases IIS operations in a secure way through an access policy. With the user-friendly interface, administrators can easily manage IIS App pools and websites without switching to each server.

BizTalk360 communicates with IIS servers through Telnet or Ping and lists all available App pools and websites. To manage the state, simply select the website or App pool and take action. User can start, stop, or restart by clicking the respective action button at the top.

Stopping or starting IIS websites and App pools are highly sensitive operations as it stops listening for incoming requests, and the site will become unavailable. it is crucial to have auditing in place to monitor who performs these actions and when.

BizTalk360 version 10.6

BizTalk360 Error Logs

BizTalk360 offers an error logging feature that enables users to collect and review log messages in real time. The system will start collecting log messages based on the user’s configuration, which can help to identify errors and their root cause.

The log messages provide detailed information about the error, including the timestamp of when it occurred, the location of the error, and a description of the error message. This information helps in troubleshooting issues within BizTalk360.

By default, BizTalk360’s logging system has a purging policy of 7 days, ensuring that log files don’t take up too much disk space. However, users can change this setting if needed to keep logs for a longer period of time.

BizTalk360 Error Logs

SQL Query Data Monitoring

Secure SQL query is one of the powerful features of BizTalk360, which helps to centrally store SQL queries and share them among team members. One of the biggest advantages of using this feature is users do not want to switch between multiple external tools.

Now, these query results can be monitored at periodic intervals. Users will be notified if there is any violation.

BizTalk360 version 10.6

Improvements made in the Monitoring section

Map unmapped artifacts for monitoring

This feature allows users to map the unmapped artifacts for monitoring. If any new artifacts are added to the application, then the system will map them for monitoring and notify user the if it goes down.

BizTalk360 version 10.6

Exactly one active state

A new state “Exactly One Active” is introduced to monitor the clustered host instance. By setting the expected state as “Exactly One Active” the monitoring system ensures only one host instance is running and notify if there is any violation. Users can also set at least one active to ensure at least one server is active in the High availability case.

Email Alert

Users can now change BizTalk360 alert email subject. the predefined information such as overall status, alert type, alarm name, and environment name can be modified as the user’s wishes. Even they can provide their own text like business process names for better understanding.

BizTalk360 Email Alerts

Email alerts sent from BizTalk360 can be viewed in the alert history for quick access.

Default Mapping settings

In Environment settings, the mapping setting is introduced which allows the user to do the below mappings.

  1. Users can set default warning and error threshold limits for disk and system resources monitoring.
  2. Endpoint monitoring settings, this helps to automatically update the file and queue endpoint from the BizTalk server. This avoids moving the endpoint to an orphaned state. It will pick the updated URL and continue to monitor.

-Azure synapse resource endpoints can be monitored in Web endpoints.

-SFTP Monitoring now supports the relative path in the URI update, making it more useful for the users.

Improvements made in the Data Monitoring Section

  1. The filters in ESB data monitoring have been enhanced to support both AND and OR conditions.
  2. A new filter option “Is Empty” has been added to the BAM schedule.
  3. Users now have the option to include message content and context details in ESB Data Monitoring alerts.
  4. KB article links are now included in ESB, Event Log, and Message Box Query alerts to provide more information about the issues.
  5. An option has been added to group data monitoring messages by Code, Type, and Description

Improvements made in the Administration Section

  1. The EDI module now has an Import/Export option, allowing users to import/export EDI Parties and Agreements from BizTalk360.
  2. The option to run BHM (BizTalk Health Monitor) is now profile-specific.only the selected profile will be executed. In previous versions, all configured profiles would be run when selecting the Run BHM option.
  3. The BAM view column selection and order by options have been improved to match those in BAM Portal.
  4. Word wrapping and search options have been introduced for message content in Message Box Queries, Tracked Queries, and ESB Messages.

Automated Task 

The users can choose to get notifications only when a task fails, which saves space in the email inbox.

Improvements on BizTalk360 Installer

  1. In previous versions of BizTalk360, accessing the application through an HTTPS website required some manual changes to be done in the web.config file. Starting from version 10.6, BizTalk360 can be installed on an HTTPS website without requiring any manual changes to the web. config file or IIS.
  2. During the installation of BizTalk360, the logged-in user will be automatically assigned as the default superuser. Now, the user can define the default super user details during the installation process


We believe that these new features and improvements will greatly enhance the experience of BizTalk360 users.

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