How can I find the installed hotfixes on the server/workstation?

Published on : Jul 18, 2008

Category : BizTalk Server



Looks like a silly question, but recently I struggled to find the installed hot fixes on our server. We install certain hotfixes on all of our BizTalk server. One of the critical ones is to solve the high CPU usage on a 64 bit machine. Like any other normal person I opened the “Control PanelAdd Remove Programs” and  to my surprise I didn’t see any entry about the hotfixes (I can see one or two .NET framework related hot fixes, which caused the confusion). It looked as shown below. 1 Then you started thinking like  a geek and start to dig the registry to find those entries. But there is a much simpler solution, just go and enable the “Show Updates” check box in the Add Remove Program window. Once you enable it, then you’ll see all the installed hot fixes nicely tucked inside the main installation. 2 As I mentioned earlier, its something very silly but hope will be useful for few out there 🙂 Nandri! Saravana