Global Windows Azure Bootcamp 2014 – Coimbatore, India

Published on : Mar 30, 2014

Category : Events



This is the first community event organised by BizTalk360 in Coimbatore, India yet We started with a global event Global Windows Azure Bootcamp 2014. image Arunkumar Kumaresan, Technical Lead Product Engineering – BizTalk360, being one of the active members in the Microsoft community registered  for the 2014 edition of GWAB to represent Coimbatore where BizTalk360 had started its operations, a few months ago. Though, initially it was planned to be conducted at our office, with the interest in local contacts and the community, We decided to join hands with few other local community leaders and address larger audience. Rajesh Durai, Co-Founder of GoClouds was instrumental in securing sponsor for venue, logistics and food in Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT), Coimbatore. Sathyanarayanan Subramainam, CEO of CBEUG was active in community relationship and drove the registration and participant support effectively. We were able to reach our target of 50 registrations and geared up for the event day. The day started an hour behind the schedule as the participants faced challenges due to heavy traffic and being an election bound period. We thank the participants who negotiated these successfully and reached the venue in the best interest of sharing the knowledge. Though only 38 of the registered participants turned up, they made an awesome group. The day started with casual interactions between the participants, speakers and organizers. image   image Sathyanarayanan, a Microsoft YouthSpark Challenge contestant from India,  delivered the Welcome address and described the Global initiative of the day. He also introduced the speakers to the group. We decided to invite Sathesh Premnath, Principal Architect and Centre Head – Chennai and Coimbatore Operations of Aditi Technologies Pvt Ltd to deliver a keynote address. Aditi being a Cloud first company, it was undoubtedly great to hear from him. He discussed about Windows Azure and Emgerging Trends in Cloud. Gokul Dhamodaran, Technical Lead R&D – Biztalk360, introduced BizTalk and Windows Azure BizTalk Services followed by a demonstration on Azure Websites and SaaS. Arunraja Athiyappan, Technical Lead – Aditi Technologies discussed about Windows Azure Security followed by a demonstration on Azure VMs and IaaS. The sessions and demonstrations were sandwiched with discussions and interactions with the participants. Speakers Arunkumar Kumaresan, demonstrated the Cloud Services offering by creating a cloud service and deploying a package for the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp GlyQ-IQ Technology lab. As a team, We were proud to represent Coimbatore for the research and it was fun to be a part of the global happening. image The host CIBI-KCT (Coimbatore Innovation and Business Incubation initiative from KCT) were excellent with their hospitality for the participants and the organizers. The participants had a great time learning Windows Azure and were looking forward for such events. The organizers were candid to receive oral feedback and suggestions from the participants to make the future events much better. The crowd dispersed with a good feel of satisfaction on the Weekend. image It was a Wonderful Day!