Fabulous PDC Infrastructure

Published on : Sep 26, 2005

Category : General



I was quite amazed by the infrastructure provided to PDC Attendees. When I saw the email from CSDeveloper competition chair saying my DVD is corrupted and asking me to send it by email or another copy of DVD, I was in panic attack, that’s my 5 months hard work utilizing all my weekends and if I can’t submit it by next day, my entry is going to be invalid.

All I had is my laptop with all the files (around 20MB), funny bit is I left my power adapter in the hotel thinking I have enough power to check my email whole day.

Ok, now I need to do something drastic to get the files there, I borrowed a Dell power supply from a MS employee (didn’t even notice his name!!), when I plugged my laptop into the adpater it came with a warning saying incompatible power input, one of my ex-collegue(Paul watson) said, its quite normal, so I just continued working.

I downloaded WS-FTP trial version (around 10mb)
Installed it, and started uploading my files to my file server (around 20 mb)
In the mean time I wrote 5 split emails(each containing part of the solution) and manage to replicate it.

I had a blank DVD in my bag, managed to copy all the files into it, tested it on Paul’s laptop, went to business services desk in the LA convention centre and send it through FedEx overnight post.

So, I managed to send around 50mb of data and all the DVD activites within 30 minutes, I was really amazed.

Now, fingers crossed. Will wait and see where I’ll be!!

Its all good fun.