BizTalk360 – Version 3.2.36 released

Published on : Feb 7, 2012

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London, 7th Feb 2012. We are happy to announce the immediate availability of version 3.2. We have been working on this version for the past 6 months. We branched off couple of months prior to our earlier 2.5 release to work on this version. We released our first public beta on 1st of December 2011. We were planning to go live on 1st week of January, but delayed it by 5 weeks to squeeze in few more features along with this release. Here are the top features added to this release DOWNLOAD LINK :

1. Tracking Data

Now users can query tracking data directly from BizTalk360, you can query Tracked service instances and Tracked message events. It comes with a rich query building capabilities as shown below. BizTalk360 also allows to restrict users from accessing tracking data, thanks to it’s fine grained authorization module. User can also view the tracked message content and context properties. User’s can be restricted from viewing tracked message content. SNAGHTML3e8cc605

2. Graphical Message Flow viewer

This is one of the most anticipated feature for this release, for the first time user can visualize the message flow within your environment. The legend shows incoming message, message with subscription, and outgoing message. Users can rearrange the drawing, zoom in-out, select the link to get clear message flow in complex scenarios. Detailed articleRead More information SNAGHTML4007d48d

3. Throttling Analyser

Another exciting feature for this release, throttling analyser ease to understand the throttling behaviour in the BizTalk environment, user don’t need to have any deep BizTalk knowledge to understand throttling. Users can get near real time visibility of throttling conditions in the environment and plan for capacity and SLA’s. Last 7 days worth of throttling data preserved for history. Read More information. Watch these videos: 1. Understand Throttling, 2. Throttling Analyser SNAGHTML3e8e881b

4. SMS/Text alert capability

BizTalk360 now comes with inbuilt SMS/Text message capability. We built our own SMS gateway deployed in Windows Azure (High Availability with multiple instances), so that users don’t need to worry about 3rd party integrations. Easy to configure. Note: Pricing yet to be decided, paid customers get free service until 30th April 2012. Read more information SNAGHTML4004e35c

5. Tracking Manager

Tracking manager allows user to view all the artifacts tracking setting for an application in one single view, it helps to visualize the tracking configuration. Tracking got certain level of performance impact, so it’s important to turn off unnecessary ones SNAGHTML3e8f76cd

6. Advanced Event Viewer Enhancements

We enhanced the advanced event viewer for security and performance reasons (to address this issue). Now the super user can configure the logs and sources required to be collected, rather than collecting the complete list. This improves performance and also adds security benefit by not showing everything in the server to support people. SNAGHTML3e908464

7. Performance/Stability/MSI improvements

We worked hard on improving the performance of BizTalk360, we introduced aspect oriented programming techniques to cache information that doesn’t change frequently (ex: topology, database settings, server settings, license verification, user access policies etc.). We also improved the stability of BizTalk360, we addressed all the customer related bugs in this release. We also made huge improvements to the MSI package. The MSI package now understands database versioning and supports upgrades from previous versions (3.1 beta onwards). We hope you enjoy using all these features and provide better support/monitoring capabilities to your own organisation or customers. If you got any queries please feel free to contact us via Nandri! Saravana Kumar Founder/CTO – BizTalk360 | @biztalk360 |  |