BizTalk360 – Thanks 2014, time to give back

Published on : Dec 29, 2014

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We are continuing the tradition of giving back something to the community at end of each year. BizTalk360 is pretty much profitable from day 1, the growth of the company is always organic, we never went for any external funding or overdone our expenses. At end of each year we started this culture to take a look at our numbers and keep aside some money for charity. In 2012 we given $1625 and in 2013 we raised this to $2125 and this year we are donating $5000 to Great Ormand Street Hospital. Great Ormand Street Hospital There is always a difference in opinion whether you should donate quietly or go public. We decided to go public, for a simple reason if this story can inspire one or two people to donate something to their preferred charity that’s a great win for us.  


Simply we love kids and we believe every single child in this world should have the opportunity to live life to the fullest. Great Ormand Street Hospital (based in London), help give hope to thousands of very ill children. They need over £50 million every year to help give hope to very ill children and support their families. We strongly believe we can continue to increase this donation year after year.