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Published on : Jun 24, 2021

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As we know BizTalk360 exists for close to a decade. In these 10 years of journey, our team delivered 3-4 releases per year based on the feedback we receive from our customers. We are ecstatic to be able to assist 650+ enterprise customers in 40+ countries around the world. We always believe,

Listening to customers’ feedback is the ideal technique to evolve a product.

This blog post is about what are the services and offerings we provide for our end customers that are incredibly valuable to them.

Birth of BizTalk360

BizTalk360 was founded in 2011. It is almost 10 years now. Our CEO, Saravana Kumar started this as a hobby project, an idea evolved in one of the MVP summit in 2010. The birth of BizTalk360 started and from there, and now it is an essential tool for enterprises that uses Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020. BizTalk360 is completely a web-based admin console that provides a solution to Operations, Monitoring, and Analytics your BizTalk Server environment.

Demo and trial key for evaluation

If you are entirely new to BizTalk360, you can just request a demo and our sales team will get in touch with you for requirements and pain points you face in Microsoft BizTalk Server. Based on the feedback we receive, our dedicated product consultant team will take you for a customized product demo. This demo ideally takes from 30 minutes – 1 hour based on the customer’s request.

Once the demo has been delivered, we always wanted our prospects to undergo a quick self-evaluation to understand the product more and to know the key functionalities even more detail. For this, our team has decided to provide a 30-day free trial key to the full version of BizTalk360 where they can easily give it a go!

Pricing queries

Once the trial key has been activated, each new prospect will have a dedicated account manager to know how the evaluation process is going on. Also, if they face any difficulties or if they have any queries, they can just write up an email to the account manager where they will arrange a call with the support/consultant team to help you further!

After the trial key has been expired, prospects can purchase the product based upon the tiers they require.

Free Technical support

Once you have purchased the product, we ensure that customers get 24×7 technical assistance. You can simply write to us via email ( Our team will revert you with aquick solution for sure via email. In case, if customers require a call with our technical team and we will make it for sure.

Quick installation to make the process smoother!

On purchase of the product, there are few offerings we provide for our customers

  • Best Practice Session
  • Quarterly Health Checkup
  • Client Relationship Sync up
  • Advanced Delivery Service Offerings
  • BizTalk/ Integration training
  • BizTalk360 product training

Best Practice Session

On purchase of our product, this call takes place for 2 hours with our support team who have years of experience in both BizTalk Server and BizTalk360. During this call, our support team will guide you right from

  • Installation
  • A Beneficial way to use the product
  • Frequent usage of the product

As our product covers 80+ features and hence our users might miss any of the features from usage. We do not want such things to happen to our customers. Hence, with this call, our support team will help you with proper usage.

Quarterly Health Check session

During this call, our team will support you on issues you face. Also, if you have wished our team to explain the functionalities of any features, we would give it a go! This call happens for 2 hours for 3 times a year.

Client Relationship Sync up

During Client Relationship Sync up (CR Calls) our team wants our customers to be using the product to the fullest. Also, we ensure that they do not face any issues with the product. If any such clarifications are needed regarding the product our support/ consultant will be there in the call for 30 minutes. Also, we scheduled this call for every quarter based on the customer’s timings

Advanced Delivery Service Offerings

Complete insight about operations, monitoring, and analytics. Also, you will know about the roadmap of the upcoming product release. We will ensure that BizTalk360 is structured to meet the technical and business expectations. This will be handled by experts in our team who have years of experience in the areas of BizTalk Server and BizTalk360.   

BizTalk/Integration training

Taking care of your BizTalk group takes more than checking the BizTalk administration console now and then. Without understanding the concepts of BizTalk, it can be hard to properly manage your BizTalk group in all aspects. In a joint venture with Quick Learn, we conduct a 5 days training which is for BizTalk Administrators and IT professionals but is also beneficial for SQL Administrators and BizTalk developers who are involved in managing the BizTalk platform.

BizTalk360 Product Training

Not only BizTalk server training is provided we provide the same sort of training for the BizTalk360 side as well to make our users even more comfortable

Note: All offerings we provide can be chosen by customers based on their needs. We never ask for any of your data for any purpose.

Feedback portal

As we are constantly releasing 3-4 releases per year. All releases are based on the feedback we receive from our feedback portal. If you are our existing customer and if you think some features can be developed, then you can get in touch with us!


In this blog post, we have covered almost all the offerings and services we provide for our customers. BizTalk360 has all the cool features with which you can maintain a healthy BizTalk environment. If you wish to evaluate our product or take a product tour. So why not give it a try! Take a quick go by signing up for our free trial.

Enjoy our services!