BizTalk Map – Suppress Element if Attribute is not required

Published on : May 18, 2007

Category : BizTalk Server



Scenario: The following question is taken from BizTalk.General NewsGroup (altered slightly for readability purpose) “I’m mapping an element in the source schema to an attribute in the destination schema.  The element does not exist in the source schema, but when I run the map it creates the element in the destination schema that houses the attribute I am mapping to.  The attribute does not show up in the result of the map, just the empty element. I need to have it not create the empty element if it is not going to put a value in the attribute.” Here is the solution: biztalk schema mapping Thanks goes to my collegue Matthew Johnstone and same technique was explained by Kiran Pabba in the newsgroup. I know for sure Matthew worked out this sample himself 🙂